Boosted Utahsinos vs Boosted. Thors

If available, she’s does the one shots on DC’s and Erk’s when their cloaks fail. I’ve even one shot an Indominus occasionally. Tryco’s can be a problem with the instant distract, shield and distract again but if I’m still alive can finish those at the next move. She is also good if fresh start on Thors. I can take those unless a Thor has an instant ready.

Nice, i will go ahead and give her a shot on my alt account then.

This is my girl on my main account.

Even though she is higher level, and higher tier, you would win 1vs1. :wink:


I highly recommend going to 145… i did making it my second fastest dino and am quite happy… at 145 you can outspeed some erlis… which is nice

My UTAR is my focus more then Thor . Though having them both is great for the team :+1::slightly_smiling_face:
Tier 5 all around is ok but

6 would be great @GorillaGlue

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I had a boosted Utahsino use distracting impact on my boosted (but still reasonable) Thor. My distracted DSR still one shot it :confused:

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I’ll have a level 30 dino someday! At least I keep telling myself that lol.

As far as tier 6, its gonna be awhile, thats like 200 boosts to go from 5 to 6 across the board. Yikes. She sure is a beaut tho. :heart_eyes:


Utahsino used to be a real problem for me before I got Noodle (Nodopatotitan), which is why I keep Noodle in the back incase one or Erlidom comes out.

It’s another store all together when Noodle isn’t selected though :frowning:

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KPretty sure. We’ve had instant charge forever. It’s working like intended. Boosts are a different discussion but still…

Y’all can’t counter this laughable mechanic either?

Nah, im just nowhere as good as you are, sparky.

Utahsino is my Thor counter. Love that shredding beast

Look I get people love them and I am not asking for a boost, I’m asking for diversity instead of seeing the same thing all the time.


Not sure why this happens so much on the forum :wink: