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Boosted vs Leveled chart

I apologize, but don’t remember who was kind enough to post the stat differences chart and I can’t find it again anywhere. Any help is appreciated as always!

what did it show?

It was a spread sheet type chart showing the differences between boosted and leveled for all levels. It was genius!

So leveling up gets you more stats compared to boosting?

i havent seen it bud sorry. that jwa field guide app is pretty good for that though.

I am on a mission to find it :slightly_smiling_face:

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oh i might know. but the speed is 50% instead of 100%. one sec.


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I thought I seen it on the forum but it was one of our alliance members that found it originally.

So boost levels 5-7 give the best returns eh? Interesting. Actually got my Indo to 7/7/6 today. Guess I’ll get that speed up to 7 and then evenly distributing amongst the rest of my team.

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