Booster Legacy Pack?

First post here!

Will we ever be able to unlock the pack again? I missed it the first time around, just doesn’t feel good having an incomplete collection :\


Welcome to the forums @Leon_Schreiber. I go not think they will release this again but there is a chance


Oof :frowning:

I began playing when the game came out, but lost my old account (brother smashed the iPad haha). Got back into it recently, but it just doesn’t feel right without the statue lol

Hope they release it in a pack or something, I would definitely pay for it!

And thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:

They have been cycling special statue packs in the real money pack section…
I just went to check and I don’t see one right now but they were cycling through. Boss statues and other statues for I think 9.99 US a pack.


Yup! Noticed that, but I think it stopped… and not all statues were available. Maybe they’ll add in the other ones some time later!

Got the snack pack from it :smiley:

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The snack statue is offered from time to time… thanksgiving of 2019 it was the reward for the death dodo boss…

It has also been featured as a special event pack as well. Don’t remember which one.

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That’s very detailed! Thank you so much. And yeah, I guess they might release the booster statue. Not very likely, but we shall see.

Thank you for your help.

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Really? Interesting