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Boosters removed why not just give them back we paid dino bucks for them

Please can anyone help me I used 200000 dino bucks luidia to get my boosters there was at least 1500 pluses so many weeks refreshing and spinning to get them I had 180 250% HP boosters​ they are all gone that’s not fair this was not in your tills part of your Owen rules are fair play how is this fair is the answer a big bullies we do it just BC we can that’s not fair BC when we make a deal with you guys buying dino bucks we don’t go to the bank after and purchase keep the bucks and asked them to refund money please if you like players to be part.of ludia future you can’t break their trust like this or next game they won’t download it BC they see ludia those not care about what paying players want please refund ppl for boosters we are not asking for extra we are just low income kids and few $ we get should not be taking away by a multi million dollar company ran by adult s pushing teens around Ty again for looking in to costumer concerns it had been 6 days no reply

You’ve not got cash back after boost maintenance? Ppl have received the cash they spent on boost plus some of the lucky guys got 2-7k extra cash. I’m amazed to see you’ve used 200k in-game cash on boost. That’s a lot.
I think @Ned will help you out

Wow 200k and here I thought that I spent 30k green cash after boost reset was good enough to be in high spends

Are you saying you took advantage of the exploit in the game to buy unlimited boosts and now you are complaining that you can’t buy them again???


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if you’re low income then you probably shouldn’t be spending money on this game in the first place. and i can’t feel sorry for someone exploiting the game to get the edge on others.

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Hey there, @Layla_Shahidi, I’m sorry to hear that you still haven’t heard back from us! I know that our agents have been experiencing a much larger volume of tickets than anticipated, but they are working as quickly as possible to address everyone’s issues. In the meantime, we recommend that you do not submit multiple tickets or replies to your initial ticket, as this can negatively affect the time it takes to receive a reply.

The numbers at the beginning make no sense lol

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Not sure what 1500 “pluses” is. But if u mean boosts, 1500 boosts would’ve only been 30k cash. Nowhere near 200k. Also 180 hp boosts is only another 3600 cash. They’re also not 250% increases. None of what ur saying really adds up

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Also, if youre a low income kid you have no business spending close to 1500$ (real currency) to buy that much in game cash.

But then again, I highly doubt u actually lost 200k cash. Feel there is a language barrier and something is lost in translation