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What will happen to all our boosters as now I have some gold and the trade harbour is asking them for bux which I am low in so should I trade them or not


Nobody knows at the moment. I started to trade boosters for nearly everything, not for dollars. But I still expect and demand that we all get an appropriate compensation for all the boosters since we invested a lot of resources (and time) to get them.


But I only have one gold per raptor


I’m guessing that since they haven’t said anything about reimbursing people for their boosters that we will probably get them all back when the paddock is active again. I’m only saying this because I was offered a trade today for one of my boosters. So they must be keeping track of what we had before it shut down.


That doesn’t seem likely based on the Ludia News post about the changes which said “The renovations will mean the end of both Boosters and Boosted Events , and the coming of an even better way to interact with your Raptor Squad and gain battle advantages!”

That certainly sounds like boosters are going away. I did sell off all that I had for whatever I could get for them, but being a new player I didn’t have much of an inventory to get rid of. People that had a large stock of boosters are probably going to be very upset if they don’t get anything for them which makes me think they will remain tradeable at least for awhile, but you won’t be able to get them from the Raptor Paddock anymore.

Personally I’d love to see a way to get battle advantages that you can use in ANY battle, not just ones that are specified for their use. Can you imagine being able to use boosters in the tournaments for example? I sure as heck would put a lot more effort into using that paddock than I have so far if that was the case. The boosted PvP I found pretty much pointless, as I expect was the case for most players, so boosters pretty much became nothing more than trade items for most players, and that isn’t certainly isn’t what the game developers intended them to be so not surprised by this change. I’m just dying to see what they came up with instead!

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