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Boosting Dinos for Raids

I have 2000 boosts for health, attack and speed and I want to play unboosted on the arena this season in order to spend boosts on a dino to use on raids, specially on Mortem Raid. So my question is: if I spend 1200 health and damage boosts on my level 25 Diloracheirus and keep her out of my arena team will it change my matchmaking?

Creatures that aren’t in your team don’t affect matchmaking. It’s one of the things I like about JWA.

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It would make no sense at all if it did

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I had to ask because when it comes to JW Alive bugs, you know… Anything is possible

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If you have tuoramolach at decently high level it might be good to boost as well. A lot of people don’t have tuoramolach that high and is desired by many when going after raids.