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Boosting Gorgotrebax

For many of of us, we’re getting it this week for the luckiest ones? Or next week for some and maybe the week after for the unluckiest ones?. So time to talk about the optimal boost pattern for it. It was obvious for the other 3 Apexes, but this one is a littler trickier… Sure it does need a lot of damage boost, but what about health (after all, it’s distracting a lot, so doesn’t need as much health boosts) and what about speed (It’s pretty slow, but speed increase by 10% often, so there’s probably a magic number to aim for here?).

So we compare apples with apples, let see what would be the optimal boost pattern for an eventual level 30 Gorgotrebax… Personally, I think health doesn’t matter much since it’s distracting a lot, and your likely dead anyway if you’re fighting something immune to distraction, and if it does, you’ll survive long enough for a kill. So let say: 0 Health, 20 Dmg and 10 Speed (also, because I have a boat load of unused speed boosts in stock :slight_smile: )

To help you just in case:


I think the best way to boost this guy is to simply make him a really good revenge killer. If you do 15 damage,15 speed your going to be doing 5.4K unstoppable damage. I don’t really think it needs the health because most likely you’ll use it last and let it get the final smack on your opponent.

Thanks for your input Minmi!

Oh sorry. I will delete that part of my post about that, want to keep my post on this topic. Probably read it wrong.

Sorry bout that :sweat_smile:

but i actually think you may want some health on it. not a whole lot since it really isnt going to be in snipe range from magnus or rhinos from things like mortem or thor after 1 hit thanks to Cautious impact. but a tad more health could mean the difference between winning or loosing to that swap in crit.

These were my two ideas of some boost distribution.


This first image I have explained. Basically just a creature you use last to either destroy your opponents last creature, or severely hurt it and then swap in cera/monolorhino.


This other idea is if you want it to come in second. I don’t know about this one because there are a lot of resilient running around, but this could work against stuff like mortem, ardent, etc.

I personally think the first option is better, but it’s probably up to personal preference.


I think a 3/15/12 works fine. Just a tad extra HP and good speed, which gets increased by cautious impact and Group accelerate cunning strike. The attack is getting increased as well. That will still be enough to rip apart teams, and can be a revenge killer. I’m still surprised Trebax is that slow, it’s an Apex gorgonopsid

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Same here. If it had 3500 health and 129-131 speed it could become a real monster in the higher arenas.


I agree here. This way, you could boost its health a lot more. Maybe a 10/15/5. That would be some serious health.

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It’s already dangerous as it is, speed wise, though… I’m kind of leaning on your side… Damage and Speed only. With your 15-15 ratio, even if you have to use it in second, you can use revenge, but also have the option to use the distraction with 10% speed boost, and you’re already at 157 speed… Another shot, and you’re a rocket at 170ish speed.


Health is still needed. Most Erlikospyx can one shot it with precise pounce. Unless the trebax was sped up first.

On even grounds it actually beats Gemini and almost does Maxima thanks to that HP, so maybe it would be wise to put a little in HP

It’s baffling to me that Gorgotrebex is that slow, especially since it doesn’t have armor, and the other three gorgonopsids have 128-132 speed, so there’s no reason why Gorgotrebex can’t be just as fast.


It can be slowed too… Which kinda sucks.

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Just a friendly bump… Love the inputs I’ve seen so far. It definitely show that it’s the hardest Apex to boost. All the other ones, everybody was agreeing on a common pattern, but this one is all over the place… Anybody else want to give their opiniion? Maybe at the same time: Is it worth it boosting it at all? The more I look at it, the more I don’t think it would make my “dream team”…

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Man, I love the Gorgonopsid design and animations, but Gorgotrebax perpetually covered in snow(?) loses appeal because it looks like a dandruff’d wreck to me :sweat_smile::sob:


unfortunately that is a problem :grimacing:

it works well against Mortem and Thor. The other big ones could be a problem

Friendly bump, for those who have unlocked it today and want to give their opinion… How to boost it, and is it really a tyrant?

bumping up.
speed wise, what’s the average for a thor or mortem library and up? looking into what the speed stat would roughly need to be for bex in those arenas

Probably 123+ for Thors. Mortem is normally 124 -128/130 ish. I have several friends with Mortem, and they range from 124-128 spd. I wouldn’t be able to give the exact info tho, I’m still in the Aviary and struggling