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Boosting Indominus

I know most players keep their indominus at 20 but not me, i got erlindominus similar moves with higher speed but not tanky, so i invested in boosting my indominus rex its not as fast but easier to lvl up due to not needing 200 epic erliko each time. Here she is and managed to kill boosted Erlindominus same level as well as Thors with luck in cloak mind you.


I guess the phrase taking the road less travelled is apt here :smile:


mine is level 25 no boosts yet. my buddy @Raven has a 26 boosted. cant go wrong if you love indom. once my erlid hits 30 ill probably level mine up more.


There’s a couple more I’ve run into at varying tiers…


isn’t too lucky dependant? activate cloak = 33% damage. do cloaked super move = 33% damage. thanks to 1.8 evasive nerf and slow speed.

all this with luck in favor. without would be worse.

this in theory. in practice, how is going in battles?

There are more Indominus enthusiasts, love it.

You have done a great job with her.

Here’s my work in project,

I will upgrade to tier 7 HP later today, and tier 7 speed next week.


That’s a monster Indominus, very nice! I’m also going for level 30.

Great job!

My Domdom :heart_eyes:


I started mine as a counter to spinotasuchus, pre-boost era. I wanted something with immunity that could take a hit. Erlidom is just too fragile for my liking.

My Indom is only level 18 but 133 speed, 1233 Dmg, 3600+ health, I love it

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Good sleeper indeed.

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Or dont even bother cloaking and just smash things.

Just because a dino has cloak doesnt mean its a good move to use.


wow, your right.
i forgot high damage. without crit that @Jerald indom is 6762 damage in 2 shots (1.5x first move plus 2x second).

with crit, or cloaked, it’s like “run to the hills” if you don’t have alankylo, zorion, trago or something else.

Aye 7728 with cloak crit and cloak 9960 with armor piercing rampage one shot.

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Screenshot_2019-08-10-21-27-58 update shes 27 players may need to change their pants.

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Wow! I’m very excited to see other people also boosting The Indominus Rex… I thought I was the only one lol. She’s a Beast!

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Very nice, ya got her boosted to 141 it will take a while for me but i get her speed there too.Side note erlo has rampage but does not peirce armor, her cloak wears off faster while indominus has armor peircing rampage.

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Mine is level 21 and is boosted 5/5/5. Has always been a staple on my team


Saw some boosted level 18 in 3800 some days ago but back again to 5200 and no one yet in the arena.

Its all luck either way, erlo has speed for sure but not as tanky, has rampage instead of armor peircing rampage, attack is higher a little bit but boost indominus speed like crazy and attack ya got a monster.