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Boosting Mortem

I have just unlocked mortem and I want to booste it when the shuffle comes on the Thursday.
But I’m not sure how to booste it.

Could work :smiley:

(Not mine)

Gonna depend on its level and what you’re facing. In gyro, I’m seeing a bunch of 2/20/8 – it hits like a truck and that speed allows it to work for both raids and the arena.


For pvp it needs speed, I’d say around the 130 mark. Rest mostly into damage, hp just enough to avoid getting one shot. This is mine, running it in shores. Would not recommend running a slow one at all, it can’t revenge kill and you’re most likely gonna die in 2 hits anyways.

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Yeah I was thinking of around the 130 mark.
I might go 132.

Just a question is it still usable in raids at that speed or is it way too fast?

Or does the rest have to be speed boosted as well

It’s usable, but needs an adapted strat. Can’t just run the regular one. No the others don’t have to be speed boosted. Lux can be done the same way but with tryo refreshing turn 3, trebax can be done with double gem/morty/tuo