Boosting much?

So this just happened. I won for the record. But come on. That thing is still wet behind the ears. Mine is reaching adulthood.

For you to have a Utasino 27 in the Ruins and that picture of yours there, I figure you don’t use boosts…

Correct, I do not use boost.

Good for you. I wouldn’t have the patience. My Utasino 26 is at 153 speed. You won’t find one under 145 above Lockwood.

Then you have nothing to complain about.

You have access to the same tools that other players have.
If you choose not to use boosts, then that is your choice.
But, that doesn’t give you any right to come on here and complain about your choice.

You have hundreds of boosts stockpiled and refuse to use them.
It’s like watching a rich miser starve to death rather than buy himself food.

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I’m just shocked that a level 17 newly unlocked is faster than a 27 because of boost. That’s crazy. Even with Boost it should be “better” or faster than a creature 10 levels higher. I’m used to losing to 3-5 sometimes 6 levels higher than me but 10? Come on. I did win though and I’m not sure how because my phone froze during the screen shots lol.

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With boosts in the picture, there’s nothing you can do about that. Boosts are a cancer in this game now. You take them, or fall behind. And now that they’re selling it every week, many of us will fall behind. I say screw it.


Boosting much? What even when all you would need is a single boost in speed to out speed someone that doesn’t use boosts? It’s not like it even needs to be over boosted.

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Mine’s 22, and my absolute favourite dino in the game. My secondary goal (after getting all the dinosaurs) is to get her to level 30, tier 10 on everything.

All of her stats are higher than yours though because of the boosts. Arnold is right, they’re all super speedy in Lockwood. Health aside, I would say this is one of the most boosted dinosaurs I’ve seen (the others being Thor, Dracocera, Indoraptor and Stegodeus).

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The speedy one mentioned above though can still be one-shot from a DC lol.

I’ve got a lvl 20 Uta but never really used it.

Your opponent spent 14 speed boosts to get to tier 3.
You can get 25 for free from a Boost Strike Tower.
You can get 2-3 per day in your DBI.
Speed does NOT increase when leveling a dinosaur… only HP and Attack do.

So, even if you get to level 30 and take on a fresh level 16, they can spend 2 speed boost tokens and be faster than you.

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all he had to do was tap the speed boost once to have it faster then yours… boosts are unlocked at lvl 10, this is the game…

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You’re saying this person with a level 17 can use 1 boost to out speed my 27?

You’d think they’d make you work a little harder than that wouldn’t you?

Yes I am saying that. I’m assuming you knew this as knowledge already but are just trying to make a point???

No man I don’t use Boost, I don’t know how they work, I don’t know the tier levels.

I don’t know anything about Boost other than it has made my whole last year and more of grinding hard for dna and coins daily irrelevant.

I know that even if I used all the free boost I’ve accumulated I would still reach the point that I’m at now. That’s losing to faster, stronger, and opponents with more health.

So once you start boosting, you need to continue boosting, or you might as well have never started at all. So I just never started because I will never pay money for this game.


So you have chosen to not to use boosts based on having no knowledge of how boosts works?

I don’t know what to say man.

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The bottom of my last post says it all though. Either you start boosting and continue to boost the rest of your time playing or fall behind. Or you just stay behind because you’d hit that margin at sometime or another anyway.

What do you gain from boosting? You still lose to opponents with more boost.

Why not simply complain that you shouldn’t have to level up because it costs coins?

"My level 6 rares are getting killed by level 15 rares… that’s so unfair!"

Your self-inflicted martyrdom isn’t going to get you much sympathy on this forum.

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you forgot to add to your op that you choose to spend your valuable time in the lower arenas battling lvl 17 boosted dinos… while others spend their valuable time playing the game to its highest potential.

Thats the first 17 dino I’ve faced. Most are 21-23 or so. Occasionally I’ll find a 19. However I don’t choose to. I’d much rather be in aviary again so I can get that Pteranodon dna.