Boosting Suggestions

Just need some help in the right boost combinations for my dinos.
Here they are. The first number is health, second attack, and the third is speed.

Current Boosts: 3/2/5
Planned Boosts: 7/10/13

Current Boosts: 4/5/1
Planned Boosts: 13/14/3

Current Boosts: 1/2/4
Planned Boosts: 10/10/10

Current Boosts: 1/2/1
Planned Boosts: 15/10/5

Current Boosts: 2/3/5
Planned Boosts: 8/7/15

Current Boosts: 1/1/0
Planned Boosts: 10/15/5

Current Boosts: 2/1/0
Planned Boosts: 12/18/5

Current Boosts: 3/2/2
Planned Boosts: 15/10/5

If you think the plans need changing, please leave your thoughts down below.

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As long as your not nitro boosting Thor am fine :grin:

Honestly though your plan looks great.

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No point in it. I see plenty in aviary falling to erlindom the second I get revenge

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Just one suggestion, you don’t really need any speed boosts at all on Dio. I see people do it all the time and it makes no difference to how it performs. Use those extra slots for more HP or attack

Ok. Should I remove the speed it has currently?

Too much health on orion, hurts it’s damage output too much. Edom has 40 boosts, I imagine it’s a mistake. I’d put more speed into thor and less health, if it can’t outspeed the tanks it’s really bad. Somewhere in the 120s should be fine (8-9 boosts at least). Everything else looks fine to me. Maybe too much speed in dio, it isn’t really needed imo

Yes. Erlindom was a mistake. 115 though should be good for Thor though, I’m not seeing many tanks higher than that. Dio was discussed. What would be good for Orion, 5 health 10 Damage?

I’d go 0 health on orion, 2 or 3 at most if you really want a bit of extra hp. And a lot of tanks go faster than 115, maybe not on aviary, but 115 is way too slow for a thor higher up

Ok. So maybe 10/10/10 for Thor? Also, I do like a bit of health on Orion, so likely yes I’ll do 3 health. Anything more?

Thor needs mostly damage and speed, not health. Don’t take damage boosts away, 15 was fine

Ok. So 5/15/10?

I’d go something like 4/17/9 if you want it for both pvp and raids. 5/15/10 can work too, but keep in mind you’ll be faster than the tryos

Ok. That sounds good. Mind me going to erlindom now? My plan has changed to 7/10/13.

Depends what you’re trying to counter with it. For thors is fine, if you’re trying to beat magnas, you’ll probably need more speed and less health

I don’t think I have any other Magna counters in my deck currently. Tenontorex and Mono should be fine against Thor though.

High ranked thors are built specifically for killing monolorhino, that’s the entire point of using it on the endgame. Tenrex will also lose to it, since thors will be faster than most of the time. So I’m not sure what would benefit you more

Maybe can build edom for thors, and give orion an extra speed boost for magnas. So the 7/10/13 should be fine

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