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Boosts 2.0 and Dracoceratops

I’ve been seeing varying opinions about how the new system is going to affect Dracoceratops. Some say itll be buffed, others say itll be nerfed. Im on the nerf side because of the other stats being lowered, but Id love to hear opinions about the subject and why you think itll be buffed/nerfed.


Its attack stat will get a buff for sure. IDK anyone who won’t want it to have high swap in damage. On the other aspects, it will be nerfed. It will then be a glass cannon type dino. Get 1 rampage off before it dies. We will probably see them more as a finisher rather than the continuous swap in and outs that we have now.


Whats the average level draco your currently play… if your one of the few players at end game with a max 30 team this wont be an issue. But for the majority of the player base your gonna be at a boost deficit when dealing with draco…

If your like me you see dracos that average 3-5 levels above team average. That means the kind of things you answer draco with like say erlidom are going to have less attack boosts while the draco users are gonna be able to stack health. And while 10/20 dracos may be the best build for top of the ladder… i think something more balanced like 15/15 being used by people whos dracos have a boost advantage or what they face are gonna be a real thing. When you lose your ability to one shot a draco do to overleveled dracos having a boost advantage its gonna have a huge role in the arena.

And for stuff like erli you cant even be like like ill just stack damage because then its health is low enough it becomes rat bait itself and you cant neglect speed either since without a speed advantage erli just isnt that good.

Meanwhile draco users will be like do i wanna swap in once for 4k damage or do i wanna swap in 2-3 times for 3k. With both options having merits.

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Very few reasons to put speed into DC in 2.0, so it comes down to how to distribute health and attack. If you want any chance of escaping, you have to invest enough in health to survive most non-crit one shot hits. So probably Tier 11 health, leaving attack tier 19 for attack. This is assuming level 30 and just rolling over and taking it when Erlidom comes in to wipe you out.

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Im making my team overall more bulky in accommodation to boosts 2.0, so it wont be much of an issue

Team now:


Once boosts 2.0 drops, ill be planning to change my team for this:

Indoraptor Gen 2
Smilonemys (once i get it unlocked, of course)

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I don’t want it to have an attack buff…

Current boost system had tier costing 2, 4 etc. The new system has promised boosting will be equal cost per.tier which likely means 50 (based also on their 1 tier per week statement) which means max boosting your draco severely depletes what you can do for the whole team. People who dump everything into DC will have weak overall teams. I believe DC will become too expensive for most players to invest in because it’s a 1 trick pony.

Assuming people go with 10/20/0 approach with dracoceratops, it will have the following stats, not factoring the stat decreases that act as a penalty, as we dont know how big that penalty is:

3750 hp
1830 attack
109 speed

again, this doesnt factor in the penalty from boosting, so this isnt entirely accurate. Just a little mental note

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It all depends on how the refund works… and how they plan to see boosts 2.0… their level based restrictions might be the justification Ludia has needed to just sell them all the time. Since the arguement can be made one simply cant just go to the store buy boosts and win since they are all based on level.

Their 1 tier for week statement also stated their will be chances to earn more then that per week for free… i look at that 1 tier per week as the participation price. Those of us that are willing to grind more might be able to net .5-2 tier per week.

Here is something to ponder while your battling this week… see how many times a draco swaps in with 1-2k overkill damage… ie your dino was at 1500 and draco swapped in and did 3k… then look at the level of that draco and how close your damage was to missing the one shot. Like draco has 3700 health and your rampage didn 3800…

Draco doesnt need 4k damage to be effective… doesnt even need 3k. Dg2 did just fine with 2kish. Its when draco can survive your best response and swap out to come back later.

You can overkill one dino and get one shotted yourself… or it can finish off multiple damaged enemies. I dont use draco but if i was going to id be boosting my draco so its a 2-3 trick pony rather then simply a 1 trick pony.

Technically it will be nerfed like ALL other creature in the game… but considering many others will be even more nerfed, including some of its counters (Erlido and Thor), the rat will probably be less harmed than most non-tanks

I have not seen anyone mention Crit and Armor boosts yet. Boosts 2.0 would be the perfect time to introduce them. Complete revamp of the system… 5 stats not just 3. Think of the possibilities!!

It takes Maxx Boosted to a whoooole new level!! This is going to be great! Armored Rat with Maxx Crit chance!!

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You get that thinking away form me. :upside_down_face:


We haven’t had any indication they’re considering armor or crit boosts, I think they’re aware it would be game breaking. Carbo would potentially be able to have 90+% armor. I don’t think that will come to pass

With pathetic hp, speed, and attack. Max crit would only be 55% crit chance, and if you give rat armor, then that leaves very little for the other stats, which will be heavily lowered thanks to the crit being jacked up

With 2.0 up and running I find the Rat to still be about the same. I few less of them and a few less boosted. They might drop in rank but only to cause problems in a lower arena.

The answer is not easy but my experience is as follows.
Doped goats are still as strong as before. In fact, doped goats still mark the sand. It is the bug that most marks the sand. Yesterday I had to remove my Erlikospix 27 from the team because it is not able to withstand the blow of the goats that faced me.

The good news, and it is a lot, is that now whoever wants to get on the goat to those maximum states must sacrifice a lot to his other creatures unless Ludia starts selling boosts to thousands. If before to have a goat 8/9 of health and 8/9 of damage the user had to spend only a small part of his boost (who had a goat 8/8 used to have a tryo 8/8, an erli 8/8 / 8 etc) now you must spend a large part of your boosts and have weaker other creatures.

Note: In fact, with this argument I “counter argument” myself. In other posts I have put that if we compare a dinosaur boosted against one not boosted, the value of the boost is more important now than before but thinking together of the whole team, this is no longer so obvious. I should make more numbers.

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Based on what I see with the boosts are candy side of arena aka Nublar Shores, most players either dropped DracoRat or boosted it with tier 8 damage and tier 4 to 5 health. That makes it open to an Erlido/ErlikoS Rampage 1 shot and it cannot 1 shot a full life anything. The damage is about 3.4k on a SIR.

Since many run Tryko, DioRaja and Ardent. DracoRat will have less use when the opponent has one of those out.

I’m seeing a lot less Dracoceratops since the update, only one since in fact. It has made the Arena better. Will it stay that way? Probably not as people will once again boost it’s attack up something silly in time I am sure.

I ran across a L29 yesterday, all stats boosted to at least 8 even speed. It slaughtered me :roll_eyes: I didn’t draw any speeders … total blood bath.

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I’m not seeing too much of a difference yet.
I was expecting mine to get one shot but no ones really boosting yet so it’s still doing it’s job.

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