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Boosts 2.0 costs

It actually does say 2 per week for free is this verbiage is correct.

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I for one am extremely glad that boosts are outrageously priced. Many people on this very forum complained about boosts and over boosted dinosaurs. Now, by making boosts worth less in the game and cost more, they’ve effectively eliminated them. They are still there for those who want to buy them and get to the very top, but for the rest of us, they are limited use. So, boost 2.0 is a success in my book, I’ll never be a winning player, so I’m happy riding it out and enjoying the game, where I am.

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They’re still for sale, same old price. Cheaper actually.
Grinding incubators nets boosts. Speeding up incubators costs HC. You buy them through speeding incubators up…

It just got worse than before.
Now we’ll be back to arena droppers, grinding incubators.

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Tapjoy offers are free and opening incubators might cost hard cash but it isn’t technically paying for the boosts so again deceptive verbage


It sounds pretty deceptive

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25 strike event sbp x 3 weeks is 25 of each
21 dbi x 4 sbp is 84 of each
8 incubators a day (15 min 1, 3 hr 2, 8 hr 3) avg 16 sbp a day x 21 = 336 mixed sbp. Avg of 112 per.

50 free hc a day thru drops, 70 per week thru links.
50 x 21 = 1050. 1050 + 210 = 1260. Throw in the fact you can get more than 10 thru links and the free hc from the free incubator and its possible to get close to 1500 hc every 3 weeks. That’s another 50 sbp.

25 + 112 + 84= 221 sbp each per 3 weeks plus another 50 of a different type . That’s 6 tiers every 3 weeks, an avg of 2. And 0 money spent.

I’ve just laid out how it’s possible to get more than 2 sbp per week for free. Every few weeks you can do more than 2. If you battle more, and get more incubators, you get more.

I cant always get that but it’s possible. Some can get 3x week by battling and opening up even more incubators.

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And please check my math. I’m not condoning this just seeing how the math adds up

let’s see…

boosts 1.0 sale (august 3, 2019):

boosts 2.0 sale (today):

1: you pay $2000 hc for 100 boost points. and you have 2+4+8+16+32 = 62 points spent and 5 boost tiers to a dino, and 38 more to apply some to other(s).

months ago, ludia does a roolback to your investment and changes the rules to:

2: you pay $2000 hc for 100 boost points. and you have… … …100 points spent and ONE boost tier applied to a dino.

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well… no more comments for now. :speak_no_evil:


What is wrong with math skills these days?

DBI is 12 Boosts per day. That is 84 per week.

Strike Tower is 25 Boosts.

Already that is 84 + 25 = 109. That’s over 100!

Then the regular battle incubators give about 10 per day. That’s about 70 per week. So we are at 179 Boosts per week for free!


all these free daily/weekly boosts are of 3 types, right?

are they random, or some regular mechanics?

i mean: 1/3 speed, 1/3 attack, 1/3 health for week (so we need 3 weeks to apply 1 boost tier of each type to some dino)? or another distribution system?

So they didn’t get the message yet, well Ludia we are working on you.

Understood. Sorry I thought you meant spending real cash for HC.

Now that we are at roughly 179 free Boosts per week, let’s add another dimension.

The Daily Missions give about 20 HC per day. The free incubator about 10 HC per day. The Weekly Missions give 150 per week for a 5/4 Alliance. The supply drops give 50 per day. So, theoretically you could get 710 HC per week. Apply those to speeding up the 15-minute and 3-hr incubators (keeping running 8-hr incubators through the timer) and you could get an additional 45 Boosts per week.

We are at 224 free Boosts per week. That is more than double the promised rate of 1 Tier upstage promised in the release notes.


oh my me!! what are we to do with all those free boosts?

Respect for that.

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much appreciated. i think that if people complain too much about the timers in the shores, ludia might nerf the incubators though. hopefully not.

You can fully Boost an entire team of 8 in just 16 months.

Of course it will take about 2 years when they add Sheild and Armor Boosts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just give us free will to add and remove boost as we want. Who wants to commit to only 8 dino when there are buffs and debuffs going on all the time. Not even considering new meta dinos.

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Really? That’s strange. Do you know why they changed that? Seems odd…