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Boosts 2.0 costs

1730 hard cash gets you 100 random boosts and a bunch of random DNA.
Pattern is 3 hour 15 min 3 hour 3 hour 8 hour. This cost 30, 3, 30, 30, 80 (10 HC an hour) For a total of 173 HC. This produces 2, 1, 2, 2, 3 random boosts for a total of 10 random boosts.
Do that 10 times = 1730
So the 12 hour and 24 hour boosts might really annoy people more.
They cost 120 + 240 + 120 = 480
The 12 hour and 24 hour only come along every 5th time there should be an 8 hour in a 75% pattern with a skip of to the normal 8. This cycle takes 20 times The pattern looks like 12, 24, 12, 8, 12, 24, 12, 8. Half of the cycle gets you 100 random DNA. The full cycle gets you 200 random DNA. 1730 + 1730 + 480 = 3940 HC.
So let’s think about those 12 hour and 24 hour incubators. If you track the pattern. You can ensure that your incubators are full when you battle, and you don’t have to get those annoying 12 hour incubators which gives you no epic DNA. This cuts the cost down to 3700 Hard Cash for 200 random boost. As for the 24’s. Well when you sleep, you can activate one and cut down the costs. If you want to skip on those, well then you drop your costs to the 3460 Hard Cash for 200 random boosts.


Hahahahaha I’m done with this game. Well done Ludia :+1:t2::clap:t2:


So funny this comes out the day a tournament starts where boosts are allowed. So, if you lose, if you’re unhappy, if you feel like a single +2 in a stat is worth 20 dollars… you know, the solution’s there.

I wrote this in another thread, and I’m repeating it here: PATHETIC.

Previous boost system was way better. They could have simply removed levels 9 and 10: up to 8/8/8 was feasible even without paying from our own. It’d have taken time, sure, but it was feasible. This is just nonsense.


That’s some solid math there. Thanks for backing up my initial statement

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Could never sayed it better!

Right now, in this movement, I fell very angry.

They got all our green money in boost 1.0 and now in boost 2.0 all this gren money become ”useless”.


So there hasn’t really been a boost sale since 2.0 dropped for boosts, and it was always a contention that now that 1 step up cost 100 boosts how they would price them in the new scheme… Well turned out it’s about $20 bucks a pop to boost 1 level… This is pure greed! And highly unethical! Because now if you want to stay with the top tiers you have to fork out an inordinate amount of money! 2000 HC for 1 tier is crazy! The boost cost should match what it takes to level once. This ain’t it!


I don’t think they should cost the same as they did in the old system. I’ll admit I was one that kept saying wait to see what the price is in the “new” system but I wasn’t expecting this.


So they didn’t change the pricing, they just pushed it so people have to have 1k-2k HC to even buy anything.

Ludia becomes more of a joke every day.


If they gave you more per buck then that depreciated the previous boosts even more. They actually did everyone a favor and kept the price point the same while giving you 50 percent more for your trouble. This isnt ludia greed. They arent making you buy them. The only greed is those wanting it to be better at a game. I’m glad they came out the same although I would have preferred the original 500/25 packs. Just means I’ll have to get 1 boost every 2 weeks with my free hc


Under the old system you could reach tier 5(ish) off 1 pack of 50 boosts, now you can’t even reach tier 1.


So not worth it. Way to expensive. Who in their right mind would pay $20 per tier?


No the greed is making it harder to stay relevant in the game and then charging you an inordinate amount of money to do it! If you don’t boost you have a low chance of maintaining a good arena level, if you boost off your freebies then you might make mid level, but to stay in the top 500 area or be competitive you now have to drain your bank account because 1, ONE, stat level cost $20… That IS greed!


Actually you should look up the definition of greed. Its wanting more. They arent. You are. You want more and more. So who’s the greedy one? And the old system was broken. So complain if you want but the greedy ones will still buy them


exactly … agreed …

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No. See they devalued the boosts when they changed the fact you could reach rank 5 with around 50, but now you need 500. So each stat level went way up in pricing before their 7(ish) so whereas before a 50 pack could actually boost something and gave you your money worth now it won’t even buy a single level, so yes it is greed on their part because now you have to spend a ton more money just to level up 1 stat one time. Adjusting boost percentage was one thing, and that’s fine, but they changed the value of the boost when they made every tier a flat 100, but their sale doesn’t reflect that.


They changed the system. Things change. It was broken in many ways. 1, people were going to stop buying them because tier 8 was a soft cap and no reason to go over. 2, low levels could just over boost and go where they really didnt belong. So they changed the system. It happens in games all the time. I’m glad they did. Boosts are still relevant. You can still get 2 tiers a week for free if you want. It’s just isnt given out like candy now


I’m not complaining about changing the system. My problem is they are asking pre boost 2.0 price for post 2.0 boosts. They don’t hold the same value. They devalued the boost but didn’t devalued the price to match. They just told their player base that if you want to be able to purchase 1 stat level in a slave, it’s gonna cost you $20.


Ludia obviously believe their players are all wealthy and definitely above 30 yrs old cuz only this segment makes that much money to spend…


You bought 100 boosts in old system for 2k cash
You can still buy 100 boosts for 2k cash.

Yes that 2k cash doesn’t get you an over the top dino now, but it still gets you the same as what you paid. They just nerfed the boosts. Which is what the majority wanted. They just did it another way. I’ll still earn hc and get boosts when I can. It will mean I can 3x tier up a dino once a month. That’s the same as where i was a month ago trying to get from tier 6 to tier 7. I just dont get op stats, but i still gain an advantage.

I’m glad they did it this way. The only way better would be scrap boosts but they won’t do it. So this is a good compromise. I still dont like the speed boosts unless I’m doing a strike event lol. But I like the challenge of the battles and strikes now instead of spamming thor or erlidom.

Correct. and the only time you will get the value back is if you T20 a stat but don’t add more boosts.