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Boosts 2.0 costs

When has that ever happened?


“Looks like they’re cashing out before the game ends. Hope many of you don’t feed into this greedy game.”

That’s been in the back of my mind too. They know they can’t sustain asking this price for boosts, so throw out one last push to collect what revenue they can and then pull the plug.


Completely agree. But as Tuco said, that isn’t exactly their forte.

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Trying out some constructive criticism. Maybe they’ll actually see that amongst the “I quits” and make something of it :wink:

Like I mentioned before. Eternal optimist (to my own demise sometimes haha).

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No worries. I think tho, that almost all the Dev’s actually see is the constructive bits, as the “I quits” and the flaming/trolling gets filtered out pretty quick by the Mods. So, if this is true, and they STILL decide not to address the issue, then that’s where the disconnect comes in.


I thought the idea of the game was to stay as long as Pogo…?

But all the mistakes during the year would given a hint about they think in to short terms…?

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As I said before, and have said all along, Ludia found a way to devalue boosts to such a point that when they were made available to buy again it was inevitable they would be the same price as before.
And now the same people who said it was a great move by Ludia are complaining at the cost.
It’s the same cost as they told us it would be from the moment they refunded them!
They told us they had refunded at 1.5x the value, while not including the caveat that the usefulness would be reduced by up to 500%. But that was ok because it was the same for everyone. And we would all be buying boosts for the next four years, thereby ensuring longevity for the game. Well at least for those who saw the positives in this update anyway. For those who didn’t I guess they’ve already gone, just as you suggest they do.

I have no axe to grind with you at all, I enjoy the articles and tips that GamePress and you do.
But I do remember you saying you felt that a 5xboost refund would be fair before the reset.
I read your article about how the new system would improve the arena no end, and although that seemed to be the case for a few days, it wasn’t long before it threw up the same old problems as before.
And now I read that you think the cost of boosts is way too high.

So yes, perhaps constructive criticism is something that more people on here need to learn.


Ludia have been slowly shifting to be a pay to win one. This is a massive lurch further in that direction. And the lack of effort in the latest update is shocking. They introduce a “bug fix” in the previous one that allowed you to stay in the sanctuary selection screen only for that to disappear in 1.10. Then there are the perennial alliance chat bugs that have been made worse. At times I am only seeing chat messages from 20 to 24 days ago. I have seen better bug fixing efforts from the homeless beggars on the street.


Just not worth it to be honest.

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Am I missing something here? I know for one that I haven’t received enough boosts in a week to raise anything on my creatures. These ridiculous shop prices don’t help much either :roll_eyes:


As I said before. I will stand by my views on the boost system overall (not talking about the cost). I think the new system was a great thing for the longevity of the game albeit coming a little late (should have been implemented when boosts were implemented).

I don’t recall saying a 5x reset would be fair, but I was also waiting to reserve judgement on the cost until they were actually put in the store. They are in the store now and I am now agreeing that the cost doesn’t seem fair. I am human and opinions do change and I will be the first to admit I do not agree with this new cost system.

There are plenty of people on here that have great ideas and good suggestions, but it’s honestly hard to read through half these threads because of all the negativity. I’m not saying they are right about everything and I agree they didn’t handle a lot of situations properly. And I don’t mean we shouldn’t complain. You have that right, but the way it’s being done makes the forums a toxic place that I definitely wouldn’t want to have to go through if I was a Ludia employee.


I wonder if Ludia employees have nicknamed the forums “The Cesspool”.

I wouldn’t want to be a Ludia employee reading all the negativity either.
But I would certainly be sympathetic to the plight of the players who pay my wages.
I’ve said recently on here that I despair at the way the game is losing players at the rate it is as I LOVE this game, so does my wife, and so does our son.
So I hope we will all have a bit more to be happy about soon.


100% agree with you on that point :slightly_smiling_face:

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They are out of their minds!!! First they devalue all of our previously purchased stat boosts then they make it 100 to move up one tier and now they want to charge nearly $20 hard cash to move up a tier!!! And when you move up a tier it’s barely 25 or 30 points when it used to be sometimes a hundred points or more for a tier!!! They are off their rockers. What a rip off. I am sorry that I ever spent a penny on this piece of garbage. Unreal!!!


Yeah, i couldnt help but chuckle when i read the original responses to boosts 2.0 once the real mechanics were posted…

Most people saw level cap on boosts= I saw excuse to sell unlimited boosts and we have that now… its just requires a grind.

Slow rollout… lol above pretty much killed that perk.

I cant help but wonder why anyone really expected anything else from Ludia… their whole mantra has always been predatory purchases aimed specifically at the top 1%…its in all their games… take some time read the other games forums.

This is a company that can put a confirmation popup that your about to be declining their free trial or a one time offer… but cant be bothered to put the same confirmation on an in store purchase.

Ludia but be a sub par developer but they sure have some good salesman. The balance that everyone loved so much about boosts 2.0 will be taking a leave of absence until a later date.

Between those that sped up incubators, those that who made the purchases even with hard cash… means pressure is being applied to the community at large… and we will be faced with watching your team slowly become less and less effective. Or buy into to this new system.


They’re getting Leedia and Leedia lol

Just following Jernstrom’s playbook perhaps?

I can just see one of the Ludia marketing execs now, “Hey guys, I really need to remodel the kitchen at my house next month. Let’s get those boosts back up in the store okay?”

“Sure boss, given the changes though, what price should they be?”

“You’re asking me about pricing!?? Only two words you need to think about… Kitchen Remodel. Now get to it!”


This is a good point actually, has Ludia LIED to us? They stated the “fixed” stat boost distribution above. They stated each end-game player should be able to gain enough Stat Boost Points to boost one creature’s stat per week

Now in the Q&A for Stat Boost 2.0 they said this:

So lets take a look at this for example. Let’s go with Health Boost for this example.

SBP Strike Event = 25 Health Boosts
Daily Battle Incubators = 7x5 35 (i’m thinking 5 is max right? I know Lockwood Library you get 4)

So far assuming above is correct that would be 60 Health Boosts.

So we also get the following in battle incubators:

15m = 1
3hr = 2
8hr = 3

I believe this is correct. However, there is no guarantee you will get Health boost from those as you only get one type of boost by RNG.

So if I am correct, you are only guaranteed at end-game player to guarantee 60 boost points for one stat based on the type of boost in the strike tower as that gives 25.

So how is anyone getting 100 boosts for one stat type in a week (without buying)?

Has @Jorge lied to us? Or have I miscalculated something here?


I know they didn’t do it on purpose, but oh well. I’ll appreciate the unintended side effect.