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Boosts adjusted for end game play?

If I recall correctly ludia made this last boost adjustment due to many players reaching max boost too fast and reaching end game play sooner than expected. So we have this new boost system to curb that, but yet sale after sale of over priced boosts are now readily available for those with deep pockets. Why do I have a feeling it wasn’t about end game all along and more about a cash grab. Boosts and the Rat are a permanent fixture for this game obviously.


I feel sorry for anyone who thought that this new boost system was good for the players.

How did anyone think that paying the same price to move from 19 to 20 as 1 to 2 wouldn’t end up being like it is?

Now boosts are even more effective for those who have the most, and sooner than before because to spend the amount to go from level 8 to 9 with now they were was a huge decision. Now to go from 16 to 17 is an easy choice.

The only difference is that we have up to 20 boosts per Dino instead of 10 and they cost loads more until you get up to level 14.

So the moral of this is to be careful what you wish for.

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There were a few of us who said this almost immediately after boosts 2.0 launched. Like @Schtemty.

This system was designed because most had already hit the spot were buying boosts wasnt attractive. Everything else about boosts 2.0 was added to make it look like it was a change for the players and not Ludias pocket.

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To be fair when I praised the changes as a way to take out some of the OP monsters boosted to the moon, I forgot to take into account Ludias insatiable greed.

Yes I of All people shpuld have known better, won’t make that mistake again you can be sure, the puppets would kill me haha

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It’s a better boost system but the cost of the tiers sucks. If i rolled back boosts on my cheapest dino, i would lose 500 boosts. That’s not an option as a free player. And the constant sales and unlimited incubator boosts are just absurd. Balance is dead.

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Remember back before boosts when all we had to do to move up the leader board was hunt dinosaurs and learn strategy? What happened Jurassic World Alive? What happened? =(


I do not remember seeing that the new system was meant to slow down people reaching max, especially since you can reach max faster now than you could before. I thought it was more about top players complaining they had to spend thousands of boost to get one extra level to reach max and Ludia thought it would be a good idea to spread that horrible end game value to everyone so it would appease the end game players. Also, people complained the boosts were to boosted and made to many things OP.

I guess whatever the reason, it did not go very well.

TheMaxx, a 500 Boost hit isn’t so bad when you consider that a F2P player can get 300 Boosts per week. Sets you back less than 2 weeks.

300 per week? Don’t we get about 100-150, maybe a little more since they added the boosts to the other incubators.

That sounds correct. My estimate is based on how many we would get prior to adding them to 3 and 8 hours. I refuse to do more math over this :slight_smile: Funny that you are using that persons post…I wonder if 300 was a typo.

2 weeks of time yes, but sets you back permanantly from your opponent since those who don’t reset will always be ahead by that amount.

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When it takes 2,000 boosts to move a Dino up one level, talk of 200 a week as a ftp player is kind of meaningless isn’t it?

A paying player will buy all boosts made available so they will have got up to 9000 from the store in one week. And that doesn’t include the free ones which may include an endless supply if you want to grind incubators.

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I didn’t work my butt off to throw 500 boosts in the trash. And that’s just the current cost. It will be more if i ever really wanted to do that since I’m still boosting my team. The point is, I’m stuck with this team of 8 until i quit the game.


The boost overhaul was not to cater to the top players. They rarely do anything in favor of high ranked players. It was to make a more fair boost system, but ultimately it was done to make Ludia more money. They saw that people were only willing to go so high with the tiers in the old system, so they needed a way to milk us all for more boost money. The non stop sales make that obvious.


That’s why I stay unboosted lol. I can just switch my team up at will. It does tend to get frustrating going against boosted teams though. But I maintain my spot. I’de rather not play with players who buy all maxxed boosts weekly and apply them to rats.

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Exactly right, when Ludia makes major changes to the game its to help themselves first and formost.

Like if everyone takea a look at all the game changes in recent times, you will find the changes that benefit the players also benefit Ludia. If something needs fixing that will ONLY benefit players, it wont happen at all, or be massively delayed.

So look at all the current issues with the game (bugs and such) now if you wanna work out which ones will get fixed, just look for the ones in which being fixed would help Ludia in some way…if the fixing of an issue will only help players, it wont happen. IF fixing the issues helps Ludia in some way, it might reasonably happen.

Take the alliance chat that has been broken a year…see that wont get fixed because fixing it wont help Ludia in any way, it only helps the players gaming experience, so wont happen.
Now if the alliance chat somehow was causing loss of sales, or something like that, then they would consider fixing it.

So take my algorithm for determining if a bug will be fixed -

If FixingIssue = HelpsLudiaInSomeWay

This bug fixing algorithm can be applied to all current issues with the game as a way to know if something will get fixed.


Nice Pateradactyl! Love having something thrown back at me! But, that was only a start.

I calculated the HC received each week, the Boost amounts within the Battle Incubators, and the rate at which you can speed up these incubators. If you keep the 8,12,24 hour incubators running at all time and use the 6 ads, you can drop the complete cycle of 15 Days 9 hours (and its 191 Boosts) by 7 Days 4 hours. Essentially getting those 191 Boosts each week.

191 + 84 + 25 = 300

Thats a large portion of those boosts are obtained through rng. Say he the boosts he is refering to is speed.

In one week he could potentially get 28 speed boosts…thats not 2 weeks worth of boosts for free.

It might be two weeks before there is even a speed boost strike so he can get a guranteed 25 speed boost strike.

Even with earning 300 boosts per week. If you get a the most balanced rng ever… over the course of 4 weeks your realisticlly earning close to 400 of each so not even 500 of a particular boost. So your 2 weeks becomes a month…

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Boost 2.0 was good for me. Best thing to happen to boost since they were released.