Boosts an old Topic but Important

Hi Everyone,
Met GPS spoofing cheater in park today. He openly admitted cheating on Pokémon Go and JW Alive. Also boasted about having gotten 3000 in speed boosts and all his Dino’s Inc Indominus Rex had 150 speeds.
During battles today, met similar opponents with Dino’s of over 150 speed - photo attached.
I though something was to be done to bring balance to game. It brings unfair battles and no hope of competing in Tournaments.
Cheers D

I had a few battles against dinos with 150 speed too (Tryo, Utasinoraptor, Indoraptor, Magna). Having one is possible but not 3 or 4 in a strike team. Does Ludia really consider their game to be balanced now? It is far from being that. But again, I don’t think they care. They nerf good and well balanced dinos and reward people using boosted rat.

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As the Cheater said, he got 3000 in speed boosts, either purchased or through Tournaments. That would allow you to super boost all the Dino’s in your team to 150 plus.
Most of the DNA he got, with claims of everyone is doing it (well I am not), was through GPS spoofing software. I saw him moving mini on screen joystick, while standing next to me.

So he has best Dino’s thru cheating super boosted. Definitely not fair play.

Cheers D

Three is most certainly possible and 4 could likely be possible as well depending on the 4 dinos.i have multiple 3 144+ dinos plus another three sitting at 140 and 139 and 135. I havent purchased all speed boosts and if i reallocated i could have 3 150+.