Boosts and other rediculousness

Get rid of Boosts, please. It’s become rediculous. A Thor who has a speed of 130+? The dude is naturally quick for it’s size.

Get rid of Boosts.

If not, add a forfeit button. I’m wasting my time here and it’s frustrating, not fun. (so could something be funstrating? I think so)… But not in this game.
How could someone be stuck bouncing back n forth between Avery and Library? For over a year? Is this the end of the game?

Get rid of Boosts or add a forfeit button
Oh, and stop messing up Dinos with changes. Leave them alone. Just stop already.
Adding bleed resistance to Thor wasn’t a good move.


Boost are OK,

The main problem are speed boost… they break original purposes of each dino.
Who thought it was a good idea a +135 speed chomper?


I think one of the best ideas is to make it 1 boost = 1 point of speed. That way it doesn’t break the class, it just makes it so they have some movement in the creature class. You can have a slightly faster Thor but nothing that can out speed a raptor


I still don’t know why Lidia doesnt change that


Agreed. They are Dinos, not super dinos.

honestly, if they got rid of boosts, they would instantly have to close out the game due to the amount of refunds they would have to do. i think they shouldnt remove boosts, just add a limit of like 5 speed boosts on chompers. that gets rid of the 130+ speed thors.


my indominus is 138+ speed

BRuh that must be op

That would make speed boosts almost worhless. It’s hard to spend them already because every time you use a speed boost on a creature it removes a slot for a health or damage boost.

That’s how you perceive it. I have a nitro Thor because you almost have to. Speed boosts are the only reason for nitro Thor. Thor might be balanced and maybe even weak if you couldn’t make it faster than everything but the fastest creatures. Speed boosts should allow you to make your dino faster than similar dinos. They should not be able to be used to make something the size of a bus, tank or construction equipment as fast as a sport bike. They should make your M1 faster than your opponent’s M1, not their fighter jet. That or drop chomper’s base speed so low it can’t be boosted that high without completely sacrificing damage.

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I have no complain about attack and health boosts but speed they totally ruin the game

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Ludia is too lazy to read forums.or maybe They just dont listem to their moderators?

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Boosts are good idea. It is probably only one solution how to avoid having all the same dinos in arena.
When all dinos the same then this game gonna be “who tap faster” competition which is the most frustrating element in JWA. Hate this. And you know what? In real it is not “who tap faster” but in real faster is always the player who is closer to JWA server…so sometimes unable to be faster anyway.
Boosts can give you this advance. Boosts also provide a kind of RPG feature how to tune your squad. People spending real money for boosts so devs never remove them. Forget…

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I agree I just think they need to be tweaks for speed not a complete game changing element, as stated in my previous posts.

The problem actually is that speed boosts hurt speedsters more than anything. You can Nitro a Thor but even if you are “giving up” other stats it’s stats are still high enough it doesn’t really matter. To bring your speedsters up to par with that super boosted Thor, their other stats are severely weakened from not being boosted. I agree that just doing 1 speed point per speed boost or even a percentage based speed would help tremendously.

The other option would be to spread speed out more. If you think about it 105-132 isn’t a HUGE range and also causes the speed tie issues in the tournaments. If you give speedsters more base speed and make the highest speed like 150 or something like that it would widen the range and make it where you don’t have to use speed boosts on your speedsters just to counter the nitro chomper they are already meant to counter.

I don’t think boosts need to go as the arena would just turn into a tournament with speed ties galore and that would be incredibly boring. But I do think the speed system needs to be looked at and when balancing creatures they should absolutely take boosts into consideration.


I’d also like to see teams increase from the current 8 to 12. They keep coming out with all these new dinos and I want to use them. Of course the “boost reshuffle” needs to be a semi-regular thing in order for that to happen. I’d suggest a 2-3 day reshuffle after every update. This would increase the variety in the arena AND keep the need for more boosts needed for a fully boosted team. This is important for 2 reasons - it keeps the revenue stream alive for Ludia AND saves from keeping the players tied to the same boosted dinos.

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Everyone is saying that speed boost are the problem and everyone is saying that it should be 1 point of speed per boost instead of 2 , but if the game devs at Ludia arent listening, then why would anyone bother to give Ludia anymore advice on their game.

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Because Ludia…

We are tired of saying this is the issue. We are not heard anymore and seems whatever we say is not taken into account.

Just take a look at the last patch notes and what did they (or didn’t do).

Eternal optimist speaking again. I don’t know when will be enough to make me leave this game, but I have a lot invested in it right now so I know I for one will continue to make suggestions in every platform I have available to me. I don’t know they aren’t listening, and I think 2.5 will be the real test to see if they are. They responded to the GP letter shortly before they left for break and 2.4 was announced shorty after they returned so I think they didn’t have time to make big changes in this one. Which is why we are already looking to see what 2.5 has in store.

I think we also have to remember, the forum makes up a very small minority of the player base so we don’t know what other feedback or suggestions they are receiving from other sources. Through e-mail or support or whatever. I hope they are listening and having the attitude of “they don’t listen why does it matter” is not the right one to have because if we don’t make suggestions at all, then they really don’t have anything to go off of.


I love the diversity boosts add to the game🤷‍♂️ otherwise you could not enter shores with a team of 6/8 epics.
I rejected advantage tourneys previously but found myself enjoying them almost more than skill already.

The only thing i would love being changed is that speed only adds 1 not 2 points. Makes thor faster than tanks but not more than any speedster for example