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Boosts and stats

I think ludia should restate all dinos thinking of… How will it be after some boosts. Bcs honestly boosts were for more variety in dinos but it did the opposite ppls boosts the old metas and be even stringer. So really some stats need a rework since boosts are a full part of the game now

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No no they dont need to nerf Dino’s to prevent boosts abuse.

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Why you Say that

I say that because there are already far far too many dinosaurs or creatures that have too many weak stats.

By resetting stats on all dinosaurs to take into account thier boosted power levels you in essence require that max boosts must be used just to return to normal

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The maximum boost is still available at 50% that’s it only. So if you adjusted every dino to be minus 50% then … Boosted Dino’s at max would be 50% boosted again. And you would end up scaled down but where we are now.

But with a whole lot more hate threads and glitches and bugs and exploits along the way

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Yeah Monomimus doesn’t need a 124th nerf. Dinos are meant to perform well or poorly under different circumstances. Nerfing definitely fixes some issues but can also cause more. Not everything needs to be nerfed. I would say something like draco needs a rework, maybe not a nerf per say, where as something like monomimus, grypolyth, and pretty much all the birds need a buff. Now, some dinos do way better than others which is why you only see 10-12 different dinos being used in the top 500. Thats a severe lack of variety and it’s due to inbalance. No one is going to use a pterovexus if they have to replace Thor, Erlidom, or Tryko, any other meta dino at that because its way too situational, which would be better if the game was more strategy heavy than RNG heavy. Its not though. I for one think Thor is too strong but i also dont want a nerf. If you manage to get lucky and it gets no crits you can usually take it out pretty easily. Mind you this whole thing is without me involving stat boosts. The boosts have a dded variety for sure but not at the top so i can see and agree to what you’re saying in that regard. Thats about it though.

No i dident mean that i mean certain dinos become so op with some boosts unlike many others. So those dinos should get a nerf since they become god with few boosts. And OFC monomimus is not one of them

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Now that I do think is correct. For what it’s worth. Especially in the sped category

I just like how they nerfed monomimus to oblivion just to release an epic thats even stronger and faster than it was.

Naw it’s not even close. I my opinion

Monomimus has basic nullify 1x damage
Distract 1.5x damage
Nullify 1.5x damage
Plus cool down and rotation of skills you can get a solid
1.5,1.5, 1.5, 1,1.5, 1.5

Vs the other minus
2x 1x 1x 2x

The damage is similar but preventing it is much harder as the choices to do it are more diverse

Except procera does actually have more health, attack, and speed along with a rampage instead of 2 impacts. Instead of a distracting impact it has instant distraction and distracting rampage. It can make you do 0 damage where monomimus couldn’t. It outspeeds everything but Blue. Its automatically better than monomimus. For example if you put monomimus and procera in against say an erlidom. They both dodge once then die. Monomimus gets a 1.5 attack in while procera gets a 2x. On top of that if erlidom goes cloak for whatever reason then due to speed procera will get an extra hit in where as monomimus wouldn’t be able to attack first. Variety of moves is different but over all procera is better. My Tany would eat monomimus alive even before the nerfs without taking damage. I cant take on a procera without getting hurt or wrecked completely.

This is true. And factual.

Honestly I’ve never gotten promimus to play right.

Monomimus especially with new swap Dodge has been more useful. Until new skill and after 3rd nerf it was off my team.

I had monomimus on my team for quite a bit of time. As soon as the speed nerf hit i dropped him, he was no longer useful in his role of killing indo/erlidom. His swap in is nice and im sure its very useful but you have to stack boosts into him pretty hard to make him worth a spot on the team.

Yup. This is true.