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Boosts and their possibilities

Imagine the possibilities of boosts, people won’t be using the same creatures anymore, imagine a diplotator with a full attack boost!

Personally, I’m probably going to boost my miragaia health, attack. I’m going to boost the purutaurus because it seems promising.

What are you going to do? Boost dracocera damage? Increase tryko speed?

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Honestly…i haven’t thought that far yet
Actually, I might boost Erlidomimus’ life, she seems to he a permanent member on my team. Dunno about the rest.

Depends on how rare these boosts will be. If you need a lot to boost one dino to the max potential than I will only use it on the already meta relevant dinos mostly unique ones and maybe dracocera. But if we can use it across the board than would boost any dino that I like to use against strike towers.

Ohh and depends on the currency we have to pay for it :smiley: if cash and coins I will use it on more dinos not just my top 8 but if you have to pay real money for it …


People who want to stay on leaderboards propably just use them on meta relevant dinos so I dont expect that to change game at all. Would love to see someone use those on Diplotator though!

I’m gonna use them on my most fun Dino’s.

Gonna assemble my nightmare squad.

Doesn’t really matter how rare the currency is it will be worth it to make my team and my Dino’s be mine! Lol

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I’m planning on my creature’s boosts:
For “Remy”: max speed (and probably health as well)
For “Alita”: max attack and speed (probably health as well)
For “Utahsino”: only max speed (since it’s getting a small boost on attack)
For “Allosino”: max speed and health
For “TraGod” max attack
For “MEGA Becky”: max attack and health
For monostegotops: max health and attack
And for indominus: max speed

Honestly I’m not ever going to reveal my recipes.

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All honesty i worked hard for utarinex i am not dropping him yet

Utasino max speed
Thor max health

Thats as far as I’ve thought so far

My first boost will be speed boost on Utarinex. Making its speed 131 and very likely to get distraction in first.

Everything else depends on how easy boosts are to level.

Evwryone is just going to max out the already meta dinos. Don’t kid yourself that we’re going to see anything new above 4k trophies. Why boost some mediocre dino to make it good when I can boost a good dino make it even better? And I bet boosts are not going to be easy to max. Probably take a lot of time or money. So boosting your while team and half your collection probably won’t be a thing unless you spend tons of money.


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Remember that you sad that so all inclusive. When people start buffing

Too early to say but I think boosts will need to be used carefully - I would love to max-out my L30 Suchotator but then it would upset the matchmaking even more pitting me against over powered teams when there is no guarantee it will even be picked.

My gut feel is its best use will be to bring creatures that are not yet team material up to that level (rather than boosting the ones already there - unless you do it across the board) using boosts rather than DNA. If that is indeed the case then Monostego is getting a boost as it is just hanging onto its team place. I will also have to look at my bench and see what can be boosted onto the team - could really open up some possibilities - looking at you Magna.

My biggest concern (but I will wait and see before complaining) is the speed boost - the current range is only 101 to 132 so boosting in increments of 10 seems ridiculous and pretty much renders the slowing moves useless (and I use these a lot). Perhaps we will see changes to slowing moves so they also remove any boost …

I really think boosts will either make or break the game - I’m hoping the former but fearing the latter.


I see them more as an augment at this point.

Like this dino is great if only it had a little more blank it would be able to be on my team.

I do agree the speed boosts could be bad if your plan is to absolutely go first.

But several moves work better if you go second. Bleed stun lockdown swap n strike etc.

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I plan on boosting my Indom’s speed. She needs to put fear back into our enemies’ lives again :innocent::smiling_imp:

I also plan on boosting the attack of Toura, giving her the attack she very much needs thanks to her attack nerf. And maybe a bit of speed for her too. Defo more health - I think she’ll be cool with it.

More attack on my Paramoloch, cause she is pretty cool for my team. Thinking about more health, to help with survivability - these attack-boosted monsters are not gonna go easy on us, so I want to give them a run for their money :yum:

When I ever create Erlidom, more health and speed. Maybe more attack, but let’s not get greedy.

More speed for Tyrannolophosaur - she’s gonna scare the livin daylights out of some peeps x3

More attack for Big Red Tweety; she needs more power to pick us to death with :wink:

Sucho is totally getting boosted in about everything. She’s been with me for quite a bit, so she deserves more love :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Anybody thinking about giving Spinonyx anything? That thing looks amazing, want to give it a shot in my team x3

Hopefully we will find out tomorrow. To be honest I would only boost my top dinos because that is the only way to keep up with everyone else :grinning: no one would boost suchotator for example when you can boost thor/erlidom/tryko/dracocera and so on. Maybe if these stat boosts will be really common but I doubt it :hugs:

I have not decided yet.I believe that we must not see the Dinos and their stats but their abilities.With the boosts we can change their stats but skills will not be changed.So first we need to decide which skills we find useful to our gameplay and then find the Dinos to boost.I believe thats the concept behind the stat Boosts that Ludia brings on the table.

( ps : But in the end i will go against my suggestion.I could not abandon the hard earned uniques to boost some legendary and epic because of theirs moveset )


Utasino max strength.

No, wait… Dracoceratops. Max strength. I’m sure I’ll be responsible for the destruction of many phones thrown to the wall.


Boosting supplies will be limited, so I’ll be very careful about boosting something that is not going to be part of my team long term.

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Magna speed! Finally be able to revenge kill those erlidoms!