Boosts are for sale

Get them before they’re gone!

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Quick, someone find an exploit and shut them down before anyone else can buy them!


I can confirm. 2x25 usual health and attack boost for 500 hc each and then the third was 50 boosts on attack for 1000 hard cash…

Great … looks like boosts are definitely here to stay then :frowning:


they aren’t working… well it gave me 75 attack and no speed.

oh nvm lol. its 25 att and 50 att

Yeah 75 total attack and 25 health. I’m not sure that is intended though. Seems strange that you’d have 3 times as much attack than health. :thinking:

maybe because its a attack strike today? and they plan on featuring the strike boost…

Buy one now or two for the price of two!


Typo or yet another bug? Why would they offer 75 attack and only 25 health?

I hope this game dies this year. You guys know full well matchmaking is terrible yet you continue to buy boosts so you can 3 and 0 people. Pretty sad honestly.


I think the option to limit things to more than 1 item (like 3x 25 attack max) is proven to be buggy so they are too scared to use it as it will cause more rollbacks. So they will just limit it to 1.

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Anyone with some saved up hard cash can buy these things, and who wouldn’t. It’s not like I would spend real money on this travesty!
Battles can still be somewhat fun if you are matched up properly, and that does happen. To me at least.
Nevertheless, I prefer the boosts to disappear forever.

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80% of us would prefere them removed, and that is not a made up statistic. :wink:


The real question is, will speed be sold this weekend? That’s the real game breaker

Also people who don’t buy all of these today will suffer the wrath of the people that do.

If you like PvP, these are mandatory purchases. :neutral_face:


And if they are there again tomorrow? How long do you keep up with the “arms race”? :unamused:


Until your team is tier 5/6. Then it is all a waste.

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So who is gonna try and buy once the time runs out?


Still debating if im gonna by any, much less when the timer runs out. I dont take kindly to forceful situations like this.