Boosts are for sale

To be honest I used my remaining hard cash to buy them - what’s the point of buying scents or coins? Also no sense in hoarding the hard cash because if this means boosts will remain unchanged in 1.8 and available to buy in these quantities in store then I am out of here …


Agreed, I bought them too. Now left with 1K HC again … will try to keep them safe for Speed boosts (likely coming on weekend)

Well said ! a man speaking sense, spot on going above T6 would be nonsensical and costly,

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Yet many will if the option is available. They dont care about the state of the game or the community. They want their boosts and easier wins.


Same as that bought them and will keep too one side, quite obvious boosts are the way forward and here to stay,

We’re better off leveling our dinos once tier 6 is reached. The stats difference in health and attack past tier 6 are indeed higher/better by actually leveling up your dinos than leveling up boost tiers.

Lol I can’t level them higher that 30

Every day plus Speed on Sunday.

Not spending another penny of real world money and I have enough for one more boost purchase so will save that for Speed on Sunday. Have made it into the top 500 once recently so if things remain unchanged I will see what I can achieve in the next season starting in July - if its poor thanks to over boosting I will probably call it a day.


I feel manipulated. Due to bad mm and the messed up algo I lost 400 more trophies (> 1K now since 1.7) and now that want me - and others in this trap - to buy my way back up?!


Before boosts and crappy matchmaking I was always in the top 500.

Haven’t seen it since.


A sad day.

But hey I still bought them as this time I had the Dino dollars.

It would be nice if Ludia told us their intentions going forward.


So realistically speaking here…

I have struggled to remain even in the very bottom of Aviary. If I do not cap purchase these boosts today, I can expect to promptly be demoted (100%) to the bottom of Lockwood by this evening.


I decided right from the first reset I was not going to get into the boost wars. I will not be purchasing any and will let come what may. My unboosted team may land in whatever the lowest Arena is, so be it. Those that purchase will all rise well above where I am at, that is fine with me. I will stay low and battle AI every third battle for my incubator.


Really, my post above was auto-flagged?

If they go on sale every day wave to Sorna as you go zooming through :wink: (tongue firmly in cheek)

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Maybe they’re going to have them on sale once a week on the same day as the boost tower instead of every single day. So every Wednesday. Still 2K hard cash a week is too much. And thats not including speed boosts, assuming we have them on sundays. Add another 500 hard cash to that.

Maybe, since they never tell us squat all we can do is keep guessing.

Sometimes it just the length of the post that gets a post get auto-flagged.

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Chuck has been known to write a novel or two :wink:. His posts ussually make sense tho. :slight_smile: