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Boosts are literally the worst

Honestly I like the game a lot, but Ludia needs to do something about the boosts. Legit getting destroyed by a team full of fully boosted epics/rares when you are running full unique and legendary is ridiculous. They should make a boosted leaderboards and non boosted. Or remove them completely because it 100% kills the game for me, and im sure many others. If the response is “well then you would have META teams” you pretty much already do(Meta teams just means you need to balance your dinos if you want to change it), second makes it very difficult to balance dinos for pvp when you have boosts, third if you dont want to remove them then make them super easy to get and make them maybe idk decay or only last for a certain amount of fights. Me personally I wasted alot of boosts on dinos i no longer use and the return is pretty horrible tbh but seriously the boosts are the biggest cancer to this game.


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