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Boosts are out of control

Definitely not the most insane thing I’ve seen, but seriously? Boosts are becoming less strategic and more just a mindless “make a single dino overpowered” mechanic.

I know that boosts aren’t going to be removed speedily. But, the fact that you can boost a creature this much is just unfair to casual players like myself.

If anything, I’d just settle with a separate, non-boosted arena so I don’t have to deal with these super-boosted creatures. But what I’d really think would solve this problem is by creating a lower boost tier maximum per creature.

Maybe the maximum boosts per creature should be reduced to (around) 10, and no one stat can have more than 5 boosts invested in it? I know this will require another boost reset and apply a tight limit on boost power, but I feel that decreasing the power of boosts would improve the quality of this game more to players (and make fighting max-boosted creatures more forgiving)

Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution to this problem. I don’t think it’s possible to truly “fix” boosts without removing them from the game completely. What a deep hole Ludia’s dug itself into this time…


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