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Boosts are still stupid

Just want to keep the dissatisfaction with the whole boost thing fresh.

9000+ health stegod
16000+ damage erlidom crit

That’s just this morning.


Boosted 30 Thor thought my team was popcorn and ate em all. My 29 doesn’t do anything like that. Fun!


I’m calling it the"one shot" meta. You need things that will take out the opponent in one shot or you’re doomed.


I’m with you…I initially thought boosts sounded good, but it’s made the arena unplayable. Same Dinos over and over just boosted up. They should only allow the boosts on epics and lower to bring better variety to pvp.

And it will continue like this is not only toxic to see the same equipment cloned to all, to blame the people who buy the increases, Ludia would take them if they were not bought but as they see easy money, if there is no demand there is no business, it is a pity that the game is broken, dead and buried. But how I like to collect dinosaurs … ^^


The thought of it is cool… But if you have epics taking out uniques all day. What would be the point to grind for uniques?

Agreed. Fully agreed. That year you spent building your team, grinding, incubating, and maybe spending? Boosts are like: “found-a-short-cut-sorry-not-sorry!”


I figured out why I was feeling optimistic last night and this morning. It was (past tense) because I didn’t battle at all yesterday.