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Boosts are still the big problem

Ludia’s release of 2.0 has changed a lot of creature moves and Ludia encourages people to refrain from boosting to find out what works best.

What do people do? Boost to the max the same creatures that have done (namely incomeraptorgen2) to the max.

This proves that once again, the real problem with arena is just simply the boosts. Not ludia or teams favoring certain creatures over another. Just…boosts.

That or most people who played the game did not pay attention and just decided to dump regardless of the changes or the consequences


Players just dumping boosts into what they thought was good. It will back fire soon

I haven’t seen an Indo G2 in a while

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I guess from a business point of view it makes sense to make boosts a must to progress, shame they didn’t make the game boostless for a couple weeks, would have been fun…

I’ve seen several boosted Indo G2s … but not for very long …

Yeah. Meta is much more balanced than it used to be. But boosts aren’t and that’s probably not going to change

My dream is to introduce a new matchmaking system. If you’re unboosted, you can be matched only with unboosted opponents


Unfortunately both my indo’s are now out of my deck, as a f2p player it took me months and months of scraping to get them and now they are utterly useless, to say im a bit annoyed is an understatement.

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I feel for you - my main account is lucky - I’ve been playing since nearly the beginning and had a packed high level bench so have been able to shuffle. My alt had managed to reach Library but it was very much focussed on its team - Indo G2, Kerato, Procera, Utasino - all trash now - I’ve stopped playing, can’t be bothered to rebuild especially as I need to relearn my main.

Yeah i feel im probably done with it too

I am actually winning more matches than I lose - and I went unboosted for the moment. Many people put their boosts into nerfed creatures, which wasn’t the best idea :smiley:

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This is the best possible option. So that people who decided to boost fights other boosters and we who stand in the idea of not using boosts fight other anti boost people. But they prefer screwing dinosaur by changing their powers. Lot of dinos now have the ability to nullify camouflage, it’s starting to get boresome

Would be better if boosts could only be used in pve or in pvp tournaments and not in pvp arena