Boosts? Boosts?

As far as of my experience on the forums,I have seen many people speak up about boosts and creatures at high end game being broken,I like the game at the moment and it is not really broken mid game,but seeing what I have to face later on,I do not wish to continue,maybe introduce a boost membership where only certain people have access to boosts who are members and they can only face other members with the same membership if you want to keep the boosts,I mean it will be broken as heck,I am sure of that. This way people who like the boost system can use that and those who do not can leave it, it does not have to be a paid membership or so,just for those who want to use it,but in the end it comes down to ludia. If people have invested too much in boosts,but do not want it,maybe give the other non-boost players a reward based on the number of stat boosts they had ever gained overall in the game. I think that should be fair? What do the forum members,staff,etc… think?

It’s more likely to happen than a complete removal, so congrats, pat yourself on the back before the whales come.

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Before the whales come? I did not get that part,sorry,excuse me.

Or better off, have separate arenas for boosted creatures and non-boosted ones, kinda like the one in Jurassic world the Game.


@anon42364012 that would be amazing


Whales is such a dehumanizing term. It makes me cringe.

I did not get it though

everyone would switch to the non-boosted place.
It’s been thought up hundreds of times.

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I think boosts are at the root of more problems than people realize. Lots of people are complaining about how the immune and dodge meta hasn’t changed, and part of that I feel is due to boosts. Ludia has actually introduced quite a few dodge counters lately (like Keratoporcus), which I think is a good design choice - introducing more counter play options instead of just outright nerfing or buffing something. But despite their utility, I probably won’t include any of these creatures on my team because I would have to boost them up in order to really be competitive, and I’m already invested so heavily in the dinos I’m using now. So boosts encourage people to keep using the dinos they’ve already been using, causing stagnation in the meta, and thereby significantly contributing to all of the “this meta is broken” problems we’ve seen lately. The boost refunds helped a little, but unless you want to fork over tons of real money, you’re probably going to stick with what you already have.


The changing of meta doesnt help either. With Boost Meta as the main meta, any attempt to shake up the meta will result in some dinos being dropped off for others and thus players are not willing to commit to something that could be randomly nerfed next patch. See SpinoCon and Quetza for an example.

Kerataporcos is being used by a top 5.player at lvl.30 maxxed boosts or something close. 1 reason no one else put in the effort is it could have a superhybrid next patch or get random nerfed because Ludia.

Boosts will always be a problem. Whether to get in a FTP model or to deal with. If we always want Ludia to listen to reason, we will be disappointed since they have proven to have none.


@Mudkipz exactly! In my previous game,hey would constantly keep on complaining how the meta was too OP but then when they nerfed the current OP guy,they would Introduce something even more OP in place to boost their sales up again. This was a horrible tactic and the illusion of randomness in chests and such effects.

I think that the dodge and immune meta is fine. Boosts make any meta OP. Boosts can be removed.

The Meta relies on Boosts! That’s the point. Changing of Meta would not help,introduce more counters,make a separate boost arena

Not very sure what incentive Ludia has for 2 arenas especially since their last attempt at 2 arenas caused bleed over between the 2 arenas.

There are too many the game making it very heavy. JWA is not a good battle game but rather an exploration game that has battling. This is why arena is horrid. Its too 1.dimensional. Adding more battling doesnt fix the problem of battling being bad. More bad doesnt make things better.

I think we’re actually on the same page here. It is a boost meta, because the boosts always make it harder to add new creatures to your team (for most players) as well as making certain creatures op if boosted high enough. You just can’t balance when players can change their stats based on how much they’re willing to pay. I also agree that immune/dodge aren’t that bad, and the game would probably be incredibly balanced if boosts weren’t present.

To play devil’s advocate for a second, not having boosts can make the game less interesting. Like in skill tournaments, certain matchups will always be won because all creatures of a type have identical stats (granted having the same level also contribute to this). Boosts add a bit of variation and unpredictability, whicb would be nice, but unfortunately this variation comes from an inflexible and essentially pay to win (or at least “pay to advance forward”) mechanic.

Exactly! I’m always afraid to invest in certain creatures (like Yoshi) because I’m always worried they’ll get nerfed out of validity

JWA started as a walking/collecting game that had a battling function on the side as a bit of fun. Now its a battling game, and not a good one. I realised a few weeks ago that I was only battling in order to get the free boosts to stay were I was in the arena. So I quit.

I only play this to complete the dinodex. I need Testacornibus and Mammolania. Mammoth and Nasuceratops don’t spawn, and good luck finding Eucladoceras with any regularity. So whats the point walking?

My country is in lockdown coz of Coronavirus. That hasn’t caused any of these problems, but it has set them in a clearer light. The game has lost its way. It doesn’t really know what it is, or what it wants to be, so is failing as all of it.

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