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Boosts Earned versus Refunded

Ludia, You changed the game but word is going around that not all players got all the boosts they earned or bought. I did not keep track of all the ones I spent but a quick calc that I spent 62boosts for each stat for at least 6 of mine to get to teir 5, is a total of 1,116. And I boosted 2 to tier 6, is a total of 756. I had about 200 in reserve. So I should have over 2,000 per stat. but I have 1300. This is a rip off, you took boosts we earned. Change the game, it stinks but fine. Steal from us and you are wrong.

Wow i am bad at math… please disregard.


This is also what I’m disappointed about I’ve spent around 2000 cash on boost stats and only received 100 boost stat that’s only enough for 1 upgrade. I love this game, I have wasted hours driving around getting cash and helping with Alliance missions I have been robbed I expected more ludía

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Yes you had about 2k total boosts. So now you should have about 3k total or just over 1k per stat. If you have 1300 per it sounds like you are good.

Those numbers don’t seem to add up.

If you boosted six dinos to tier 5/5/5 and two dinos to 6/6/6, you have spent:

5/5/5 x 6 = 372 per stat
6/6/6 x 2 = 252 per stat

That adds up to 624 per stat.

Then add your unused 200 per stat and you are up to:
824 per stat.

Put the 1.5x multiplier on it and you’d have:
1236 per stat.

Sounds like what you ended up with.


I feel absolutely screwed over! In my opinion there was nothing wrong with the previous boosts. I honestly admit that I regularly bought boosts and these new points won’t even bring me close to the old situation.
I don’t know how much I had so I have no idea if it’s correct now with these new rules. If I hear more people don’t got what they deserved I think it’s safe to say it’s a mess now!

Sure, everybody loses boosts but I don’t have the high level (legendary/unique) dino’s so I know I’m going to fall back in points… In the previous situation the purchased boosts helped me to increase. So I can’t help but feel disadvantaged now.

All these new changes do is trying to increase purchasing by players more! Nothing more, nothing less… Seriously, 100 points for 1 boost? And only 50 points refund? And still only receive 4 points in a battle incubator? In what universe is this an improvement?


I lost about 120 tiers of boosts. I made a spreadsheet of all my boosted dinos prior to the change. Overall I had 191 total tiers in boosts across all dinos and stats. After the reset, I have a total of 7142 points to spend across all stats. At 100 points per upgrade tier, this equates to under 72 tiers.

I don’t understand how this “reset” can be justified. It feels like theft to me. I could basically boost THREE of my dinos to the levels they were before and I had no tiers over 7.


The bottom line is the people who were spending money on boosts were maxing out or close to it. Ludia saw this and adjusted the boost system so the people spending lots of money could buy more. It’s simple business.


Let’s see how they really ripped us off now it’s 100 boosts to go from level 0 to1 etc

It’s also 100 boosts to go from tier 19 to 20. Oh the horror.

So it’s 100 no matter the level

Correct. So in the old system, it cost 2046 boosts to completely max a stat. Now it’s only 2000. :+1:t2:


And it slows progression. Which is honestly what we needed. The game was reaching “end game” way too quickly with some people at t9 stats in some things already.


In the previous situation I never went past 128 points boost level but still that was enough to “tune up” my dino’s very nicely. Now you spent 100 points on just very small increases. So no… not an improvement at all.


I dislike the reset as well…my attack team is now nowhere near as potent as before


And it’s the same for everyone.

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No because I don’t have higher level dino’s I could compete with in the Aviation arena. Now I can’t anymore.

Exactly, I am running into the same thing. Your calculations prove it. They basically stole a portion of our previous boosts.

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So now your team will level out at a different trophy count. What’s wrong with that?

They wanted to be able to over boost and belong in an area they shouldn’t have been able too. Not a fan of the new system either though, squishy dinos have way less health now. boost refund does seem to be really low to what was expected.

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Which is great. Now you will hopefully have the incentive to actually level your dinos. Instead of just boosting. Which is a core mechanic of this game.