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Boosts for sale?

Are boosts going to be for sale in the store again? I guess I was under the impression that health and damage would be for sale once a day and speed for sale on Sunday?

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I hope not.


If they do I’m going to buy all the boosts through an exploit and have the most pumped Pidgey any player has ever seen. hmm… oops wrong game. My bad


The fact that people openly ask for them to be on sale again really angers me so much. Please stop supporting this.


Mind if I ask what made you think this? Just curious on if I missed something is all.

When Ludia originally reset the boosts they gave back Dino bucks based on the attack and health being sold once a day and the speed once a week. I assumed that was because the original plan was to sell them at that rate.
I’m not advocating for boosts, but if they’re not going away then I’m just wondering when they’ll be in the store?

I hope they will never be in store again. And only available through the daily battle inc and event strikes.
And in case they put them back in store to buy, they have to rework the whole boost system. Reduce the effects from boosts, put a max limit for boosts per creature,…

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You can get them free through Daily Battle Incubator and event strikes.with dispersion of 2 health, 2 damage, and 2 speed. Better keep on battling to get them. They will not be for sale for the simple fact that you have cheaters that love to exploit a good thing. Thus ruining everyones’ experience.

How many are you selling?!
I’LL TAKE THEM ALL! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


I use some conservatively and strategically. The rest that I have are on standby in case I get Thor. Hopefully I will get Thor by the next millennia

All hail Bird Jesus