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Boosts have killed the game for me

Before I go on, this is my opinion and I don’t expect anyone else to feel this way.

One of my favorite things about this game was the challenge of countering other dinos with my own so I could win battles. This dictated almost every other aspect of my game, hunting, leveling, even buying things on occasion - and my team reflects it. Boosts have destroyed that aspect of the game completely, and in doing so have basically removed what I found most challenging. My playtime is dwindling along with my interest. Just this morning I read a thread on how purutaurus was doing pretty well in some arenas, so I leveled mine up, and while doing so though “this is probably a waste of coins, but I don’t care”. The thought that I didn’t care drove it home to me. Then later while battling I faced thors and trykos boosted to the hilt and though - what’s the point?

The biggest irony to me is how everyone was screaming about DC lacking strategy and being for people who couldn’t win otherwise… how is boosting a thor or tryko to insane stats any different? In my mind it’s not.

So, I’m on my way out… I know no one here cares, but I do. This was fun for me and a massive obsession I sunk a ton of time into. I hate the fact it went this way.

EDIT: I suppose I’ll keep going on my goal to create all creatures. I have 3 to go.


Instead of leaving, maybe try casual play for a bit?

Fire up JWA when you need to run an errand and whatnot, but don’t head out just for JWA.

If you have the arena calling you, well, I’m not sure what to say then. :no_mouth:


Oh yeah, there will be casual play for sure, but not the hours a day and setting a routine around hunting and spinning drops, etc…

which reminds me, NOT a fan of the daily spawn system, either.


Yeah, I’m undecided on the Daily Spawns so far.

On one hand, it’s nice to know that you can (prolly) get something you might need on Monday.

But it’s not so great when it’s Tuesday, and you need Mondays creature. :yum:

Exactly, I want to finish my pterovexus, but since darwin is only a Saturday spawn, I won’t head out any other day in hopes of finding it. To me it kind of defeats the point of heading out and looking for stuff. No surprise when you find it.

Correct but this is not the only problem of the game, cheaters will be prefered, stupid event with normal boostet dinos.

I have cancel my VIP!!!

@Rantz I’m a new player (for only a few months) and I couldn’t agree more. I completely understand the concept of free to play, pay to win, but I haven’t been interested in putting in ridiculous amounts of money to be at the top. I’ve bought a few items here and there, when I’ve felt like it.

I’m competitive by nature though, so playing while knowing I’ll never be able to get to the top is sometimes demoralizing. Especially when the game doesn’t work. But what’s kept me playing is that the battles themselves have been interesting. I’ve learned about the creatures, their abilities and levels, and it’s fun to constantly balance my team when progressing. Especially here in the lower levels you have a lot of options and can experiment a lot.

I get so much satisfaction from winning a fight with only a few hp left simply because I planned for it. And likewise I will accept a loss because I didn’t make a good enough prediction. Learn and move on. It’s not perfect, there’s a bit too much randomness going on, but overall I quite like it.

Now, by adding boosters, not only has the game become even more about paying - for me it has destroyed the actual balance of the battles. If I can’t learn and predict my opponent’s creatures, then how am I supposed to be able to apply tactics and strategy?

The boosts obfuscate the relative “pureness” of both the meta and the battle. It becomes a random roulette and that’s not my idea of fun, casual or not. This was the nail in the coffin for me as well.

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This is pretty much it.

Sorry you missed the better days, it was soooo much fun before.


Lol, let’s hope the whales and their stat boosts can sustain the game.

The amount of VIP memberships dropped over 1.7 speaks volumes. Thats monthly, re-occurring income too, gotta hurt.

I will re-sub at some point, but only if I see some major, (and I mean colossal) game improvements and some semblance of balance.