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Boosts Icons : Attack-Health-Speed -> Wrong order?

Hello ! :slight_smile:

This is a very little suggestion for a very minor problem that I noticed…

When you are in battle or looking at a dino’s sheet you see its stats in this order : Health-Attack-Speed.
Also, if you want to filter your dinos in your collection, from top to bottom you can sort by : Health-Attack-Speed. Which is normal.

But, if you do this and sort them, you can see on top of your screen your actual boosts in this order : Attack-Health-Speed. Wrong order :frowning: (We can also see the sizes of the icons are pretty weird)
Wouldn’t it be more consistent to have everywhere the same order ? Especially for beginner players who can easily be messed up in all the menus…

We could go further and go for this order when boosts are in the shop (actually it’s : attack-health-speed) and also for the boosts event towers coming up every week (attack-health-speed for now)

The more clear the game becomes, the more great our experience is !

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile: