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Boosts in green supply drops

This seems like a legit new feature I didn’t see mentioned anywhere in the patch notes. Any info please? This week only? Today only? Here to stay? Bug?..


Yeah I picked up a boost from a green box. Hopefully it’s a perm feature and not an update bug!


On one hand, I love it. On the other…this might mean to imply they won’t reset boosts. I mean, it’s ONLY 10 days for one allocation of all attack/health/speed if you spin 'em all out and get your DBI through the freshly re-instated powerhouse speed meta…

I want to look at this in a good light but it’s very difficult at the moment to do so. In the long run it will be for the best but RIGHT NOW? I think Ludia could stand to benefit by allowing us to actually not suffer nearly so long to reap the benefits of a new influx of boosts.

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I love the thought of being able to get 1 of each teir in 10 days if I max everything out

I am getting boost, always attack out of supply drops. Also just got my first 24 as in indy. Of course, the next campaign battle needs 4 of them. I’ll just upgrade a bunch of legendaries, maybe indo to tat I guess.