Boosts in the current landscape of jwa

Shouldn’t come as a shocker if I said that boosts are almost essential in arena. If it does, what version of the game are you playing?

That’s where the issue lies, I believe boosts are a good mechanic with bad implementation.
Boosts should in theory give more creativity to teams, but due to the current meta they don’t, whole other issue in itself really, the thing is, boosts punish creativity to help try and prove my point I’ll use an example of my own.

I use gorgosuchus in arena, yes the epic hybrid, I like using gorgosuchus in arena, even if it doesn’t quite have a niche in my team yet, this is because it lacks boosts, I refunded indotaurus, a creature I don’t like, with my saved boosts, combined with the ones from indot, I could’ve got my gorgo to 25/25 boosts. however I have far less then I wanted, because of the refund penalty, this shouldn’t exist, I understand why it does, but its just annoying, it stops experimentation with your team, and attempts to get the player to spend money, if you don’t, good luck getting very far in arena, if you care about the meta then good luck as well, you’ll be stuck with nerfed creatures for a while.

All my problems could’ve been answered by the introduction of boost tokens, oh wait, they essentially don’t exist, this again punishes players, now, boost shuffles exist, oh wait those got axed by refund tokens, we’ve got, I don’t know, 1/1/1 refund tokens, no point adding them if we never get them honestly, just bring boost shuffles back as well, and make the 50 boost strike events more common.

Granted, this is just the opinion of me, one single person, so I askeda few people on boosts and tokens and this is what I got:

Some of the opinions I got
“If anything they increase creativity with different boost sets for each creature”-TyphoonZach
" Although at the same time theres only really 1 or 2 sets people use and those can decrease the values of other creatures so I guess it does decrease variety"-Also TyphoonZach
“I just think we need boost tokes to be not as scarce as they are now, we should get them more often”-GMH
“Remove 100 and get 50 back will never be a good sign, Boost tokens are a joke, an insulting joke”-Zennaru
“Boost tokens would be ok if they actually existed, or just make refunds give back 100 instead of 50”_KillerT_77
“Boosts are decent, but there should be a cap in arena to how many boosts and levels a Dino can have in that arena, Boost tokens? They are awful, if they a) gave more out more often and b) didn’t have a time limit, I think they would be pretty good”-Cheeseking

I could’ve asked for more opinions but I didn’t have the time. Feel free to comment your own below.


The biggest problem with boosts is they weren’t added to enhance the gameplay. That might have been the original design idea, personalize your Dino’s sounds great on paper. But what we got was a monetization element not a gameplay element that was shipped in such a half baked way it makes the recent patch seem. Beyond just store glitches and reworks. Like deceptive betas.

You remove the monetization mechanics from boosts and you remove a lot of the issues with boosts…

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Let’s not forget that Ludia stated that there will not be any boost shuffle ever again.
Then again I’m surprised they didn’t take the opportunity to put the tokens in the store for 20$ each.

Here’s the ironic thing about boosts: people usually boost their dinos identically… so that means you are still facing creatures that are exactly the same as yours once you are at the top :joy: So everyone has the same dinos at the same level with the same boosts. Kinda funny when you think about it. I am not anti-boost, the only issue I have is how the system is in place so it’s like you need them to keep up, but in the end with all the caps everyone still has the same dinos. That and the fact we never get boost tokens as promised. It’s like they don’t exist. This is not an acceptable replacement for semi-annual boost shuffles


The boost shuffles were great, especially when the lined up with an advantage tournament weekend. made things more interesting. Ludia needs to better implement the refund tokens, they are too scarce as they are now, and with all the new meta dinos and nerfs it makes the problem worse.

To me, PVP is stale with how they are trying to change the meta every update. Add new creature(s) that are way to strong, wait a few months until people fully boost their 30s and then nerf them for the next new creature. I am no longer boosting my PVP team other than to keep the team in gyro so i can focus on my tournament team. It would be great to pull more boosts off my old dinos and put them into the tournament teams, but im not taking the hit.

Maybe ludia is making money off of these new OP dinos each update. I know that i am not spending money on more boosts as i used to. Even with boost resets i would buy new boosts since it seemed like there was more balance on dinos for which boosts were better. I could always use more of each. Most dinos need HP and Attack, so I am always short on those, but with the new updates, i need coins more than boosts. So as I max out coin collection each day, im just saving to keep leveling new dinos as i can only deal with one bottleneck at a time.


I think they should have as part of the reward for the monthly mission is 1 boost refund token for 1 dino not 1 stat. Your token would allow you pull all the HP, attack and speed off 1 dino only. I think this is a valuable reward and should be based on game play (doing your monthly missions). I have never spent real money on boost and I have plenty boost. I have 239 boost invested in PvP since hydra boa is only L29. I have probably 100+ boost invested in bench dinos. I could not imagine what gyro and shores would look like if players had the ability to move boost around freely. The players at the upper levels are grinders and/or spenders so they have a tremendous amount of DNA and with the ability to boost anything at will seems a bit crazy to me.

I believe that is a part of the plan/scheme/money grab. As they introduce these new, hard to get OP dinos Ludia sells the DNA in the store. Some people spent $600 (perhaps more) to create the first Imperatosuchus.

Between this, the pass, boosts, ads, skins, etc. they are milking as much as they can out of it. Like others, I get it, and don’t mind most of it. Just wish the implementation was better on some of it and that they would get the bugs fixed.

they are down to the greedy part of the lifecycle of this game, imo. I think they are trying to milk what they can out of it and are willing to run the playerbase dry. They are putting so much into getting new stuff out to rake in cash, but not doing things to fix issued or balance gameplay. Everything now is geared to increase your time playing every day, which they hope will increase spending. What they fail to see is adding pointless things to make us do every day will push people away.

Fixing boosts and allowing us to recoup them easier would make people happy and want to continue to play. I have enjoyed this game for a long time and I do spend money on it as i enjoy it but i have stopped spending and will not spend more until things get fixed.

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I don’t boost except for my apex raid critters. So for the most part, none of my creatures I play have boosts. I win and lose the same as anyone with boosted creatures. They didn’t really implement a really good reason be up in the top arenas so it’s not like I’m missing out on anything. Gameplay is the same at level 3 as level 30.


Like you I have dropped VIP and vowed not to spend another dime in the store it until they fix some long outstanding issues.

Would you mind to share your team comp?

I wasn’t too pleased when boosts were introduced, but over time I too have come to conform. :wink:

The great thing about boosting is that it allows players to run non-meta creatures, although this is not without problems as demonstrated in the example. However, as WhiteWolf said, boosts are suffering inflation as most end up boosting the same creatures identically anyway.

I’d say the issue comes down to the meta system as a whole. The system should foster more creativity and less desperate meta-chasing in team building.

While I truly appreciate that there still are players who don’t boost, it’s also a problem that there are select creatures so powerful that they can dominate the arenas unboosted, and at subpar levels, whereas others have to be boosted to the teeth to compete.