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Boosts... Ludia it’s not too late

Please hurry and remove the boosts and save this game. You are stringing the players along. Every patch you can just nerf a Dino that someone invested boosts in and now it’s garbage. There is no way to get those boosts back and you can’t just buy more because they are limited. This is a “gross miscalculation” on your part. Just fix it and let’s move on. Hurry before there is nothihg left


As much as we want this too, im afraid it isnt going to happen, since boosts make them money

Yeah, this won’t happen. They’re here to stay and it’s just something we need to adapt to.

Yeah, as much as i wish they hadnt gone pay to win… and as the booming auto battler genre amonst other have proven you can make plenty of money without selling power, Ludia went the power route their not gonna change it now.

Yeah, this won’t happen. They’re here to stay and it’s just something we need to suffer to.

here its fix’d

100% agree, Ludia, please remove stat boosts before it’s too late, or what you can do is have boosts reset every update, so then that way, they can at least have their boosts back and boost the new hybrids you release every update just to see what it’s like.


There’s no way to remove them now. What could they do? Give back the thousands and thousands of cash spent on them? Cash which some players bought with real money. It’s impracticable by now.

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Or they should just reset boosts, or just remove them and give back all the in-game cash they spent. Even though they spent real money on in-game cash, they can still get their in game cash back from the boosts.

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No a major change like that would allow a decent amount of people to convince their store for refunds… just as some did when they added boosts.

It might only be a small percent but when people who are spending over 4 figures start getting refunds its not some Ludia is likely to do… especially when from their perspective the original pre boosts balance still is their at level 30 tier 10.