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Boosts missing from Green Supply Drops

Boosts are missing from the green supply drops. I hope this is a bug as there has been no announcement on the removal of boosts from green supply drops.



Also the reward from both epic incubators isnt accurate it shows the last year reward instead of the new one @Ned


I think the calendar will begin tommorow. But, today we are the 14th of February so they did some event’s to celebrate it.

Also, the green supply drops give no boosts. Someone messed up somewhere.


Informing our team, Yourfriendlydinosaur. Thanks!

FWIW, I just received a Health Stat Boosts from an ESD so it just might not be showing up in the info panel. :thinking:

Yeah @Ned , me either but at least they fixed it

Yeah, you fixed it so hard that green SD dropped unlimited boosts after that. And many players collected tons of boosts.

Great bug fixing from Ludia


Yeah some got nearly 200 boosts of each type today. While others such as me are at work with one green spinner and got 1 or 2 boosts. And then it’s giving interactive items and scents too…

How will the incompetent handle this one lol :laughing:


Now simply pressing on a green drop freezes my game entirely:


I’m having that same issue. Everything was working fine then I got a message saying it’s been updated and needs to restart. Now it freezes my game any time I try to spin the green drops and I have to quit and restart.


@Ned even after restart the drops still freeze.
i think there went something wrong


Someone is probably having a stroke trying to fix this after calculating how much money in free boosts they just lost.

“If you can’t fix it fast just make it so green towers crash the game”

Seeing the same issue here too :frowning:

The only way Ludia can fix a bug is to create a bigger bug

Funny. They were working for me a few minutes ago, I managed to collect some boosts which surprised me and then… suddenly freeze.
Now I cannot spin them at all and they seem to rotate the whole map when you focus on them.

Boosts are back in event drops but we cannot collect them anyway. :joy:

I cant even open green stops any more lol XD

and now green supplies freeze
so pls fix a lot of bug, LUDIA

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No boosts at all on orange drops.

That’s how it’s supposed to be.