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Boosts need to be better regulated

So far today I’ve probably fought around 20 battles and 9 times my entire team of level 25 or higher Dinos has been taken out by boosted Thor without dealing any damage. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. The game was fun because there was a strategy and mind games with the battles. I could take a much weaker team in and still win because of how i play. That’s not possible anymore. I fought a Thor earlier with 6000 health and 160 speed… each Dino should be put into a class and that class should have a max limit on each stat. Only way to fix it.


I agree. But Ludia decided that they want quick money. They don’t care if it will ruin the game.


Eventually your non-paid-to-win team will be filtered all the way down maybe to sorna marshes or aviary where the non paying plebs are. All the boosted gods will ascend to their pedestal and be worshipped. Then it’ll be a race to tier 10. Very much like many mobile games out there.


This game actually helped me get out of the house and focus on the game when things in my life weren’t going well the last year. Things are better now but I feel like I lost a best friend with this update. It sounds weird to say that about a game but It’s true. I really enjoyed the tournament this weekend. Had a lot of fun playing it but I’ll only do arena for daily rewards. Not worth the frustration.

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Totally agree, my lvl 30 Thor has 6024 health and 2381 damage. Game is totally dependant on whether I draw him or if my opponent does.

I just played a member of AP who somehow has the following:

Stegodus speed boosted to 164
Thor speed boosted to 180
Erlidom speed boosted to 200

And I didn’t even see the 4th Dino or others. How is this even possible to have that amount of speed boosts so far?

I’m not going to name this user here but he is part of the Apex Predators alliance. If someone from AP wants to reach out to me, I’ll send you their name so you can look into it.

If you bother reading this board rather then running here to accuse someone of cheating youd know they have fixed the part that allows you to buy speed boosts in the dino lab after you reach speed tier three.

Yes I’m aware of that but there was supposed to be a limit on the number of speed boosts you could buy each day. Even assuming you bought 1 speed boost a day, that’s not enough to level those 3 Dino’s that high…

Not from the dino lab…

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How is it fixed if they haven’t reversed the erroneous purchases?

They made it so you can make the purchases again… wasnt working yesterday… worked again after patch.

Thus fixed.

From the lab there is a limit too. I was only able to buy it one time today (thru a tier 3 speed boosted dino page) but it didn’t work anymore after that. Not to mention there were players who had access to these since the first day of the update and it wasn’t even possible at all to me until today, and only for one 25 speed boost pack. Some players have a decisive advantage in the arena because of these bugs.

I bought two today.

The offer only comes up when a dino is on speed tier 3. After you progress to speed tier 4 it stops populating.

Its wierd and dumb… not a fan of the system at all. It looked like they had made it yesterday so you couldnt buy them anymore.

But then after patch all is working again. This was reported Thursday or Friday by metahub and we reported multiple times on the forums and Ludia made no comment.

My guess is they like money.

Got it. I didn’t know that the Speed Boost sales were intended.

I have to be honest that the new boosts are probably what’s keeping me out of the arenas for the moment. They really do worry me. I can’t afford boosts right now, so my poor team can’t compete. :disappointed_relieved:

I mean they never told us they were… or werent but have had plenty of time to decide.

In another thread i said its almost like Nintendo making to little consoles at launch to drive up demand.