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Boosts no fun

I just want to let you know that adding boost was a terrible idea not only players boost creatures attack health and speed but that boost them to ridiculously amounts this is the reason why people boost cera and mono to ridiculous amounts of damage but they also make higher arenas hard and even scary it just makes the game more harder

They also make lower players have unfair times imagine a player on level 9 with 15 epics not boosted and it goes against a player who is level 10 and has level 17 and 16 and 18 epics boosted crazy it wouldn’t be a fair match in fact this the reason why I don’t play pvp that much because of the boost that make players strong and make matches unfair so I just want to say no more boosts

Why is no one responding do you hate boost if you do respond that’s why I created this topic for everyone to disagree with boosts

Boosts add variety to the endgame. I dont personally have an issue with them, its fun to figure out how I want to build a dino for endgame

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No-one is responding probably because boost-related topics have been done to death already and there’s no need for more of the same old same old.

Boosts are here to stay, everyone has to finally accept that, Ludia cannot remove them.

Before boosts you had the same old same old creatures in arena with speed ties.

After boosts there was a bit more variety, even if you do experience the same old same old creatures still there’s still more variety.

So unfortunately you can say no more boosts as much as you want, but eventually you’ll have to accept that boosts are here to stay and Ludia won’t be removing them ever.