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Boosts On Lower Level Players

I am a lvl 8 Player on the game and I just battled a lvl 9 player who had a boosted Dino. I am not at all pleased with this because it tells me I can not add boosts till I am lvl 10. So, I am just wondering if this is a bug? It’s incredibly unfair if someone is taking advantage of said bug because I am not even able to boost my own for a fair fight.

They probably bought boosts from when they were on sale or beating the boost strike tower.

My son is level 9, he has boosts, but he does not have the option to apply them to any Dino’s.

I’m wondering if the situation in question may have been a boosted bot?

As far as fair goes, a player who doesn’t have boosts may still fight a boosted player. My son has to fight boosted level 10s all the time. He wins some, he loses some.

That seems to be it then, I’m over level 10 so I didn’t know about boosts not being able to be applied to dinos until level 10.

Oh, I have boosts but I obviously do not have the option to boost them yet either. I am more concerned that what is meant to be fair match ups with players. But, it’s possible it was a bot player I guess but this is literally my first encounter with a boosted Dinosaur. I guess I do not view it entirely fair to be match up; especially if the other player is level 9, which they were. Again, I am a level 8.

How would you know the level of it was a bot? Bots don’t show up your recently fought list.

Good point. Hadn’t thought of that…

Your level is irrelevant to who you fight in arena. My son faces level 10-13 accounts at level 9.

It is not correct for a level 9 to able to apply boosts. This would be a bug or who knows what, but just letting you know that as far as matchmaking goes it will have no qualms about matching you to a boosted player even if you have none. (Level 9, 10 or otherwise). So prepare. If you have the profile name hold onto it and you can send it to support for them to investigate (don’t post the profile here).

Good luck!

Hey CuriousCollie, you won’t be able to use your Stat Boosts till you are level 10. If you had battled with another player who was level 9 and has Stat Boosts, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key, and more details so they can take a closer look? Thanks!