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Boosts poll: not what you think

Ah yes the old hey are boosts bad poll…well sorta of let’s skip past the part of yay unfairness, pay to win, blah blah blah. Okay we good we got it alright I want to know which of the three current categories boosts that we have (knowing ludia I know they just waiting to throw out armor and Crit boosts) is the most game change and match deciding

  • Speed
  • Attack
  • Health

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And if so how would you fix it so that it’s not that unfair and broken

I have to admit, now that I think about it when it comes to boosts 2.0, I think it’s better than 1.0 boosts. Although it comes to more mind, it means less speedties. Think about the times when 1.0 were still around, and if we 2 Thors which had 10/10/10 the one with the faster internet wins. I think we should have both DMG and ATK be +0.25% each time, that way, when we reach T20 it would be 5% increase of DMG and HP, now for speed, I would do 1 point instead of 2. We should not have Armor and Crit boosts because there is a limit for armor and crit, but no limits for the other 3 stats. I like 2.0 boosts, I think they are fine in general but if people really find it annoying then I left my version of a rework for these boosts.


It depends on your trophy meta.
health and attack are dino dependent.
Speed is the tricky one.
I like to be juuuuust faster than the opponent so speed isn’t wasted which is great until reset.
On reset if you’re 7 to 8 tiers faster than your opponent, you may go first, but you’re 7 to 8 tiers empty in health and attack.
I really think they balanced it pretty good.
You have to really keep track of your personal meta to ensure you’re faster, but not TOO much faster.

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Speed, without question.

Someone pulls a Magnapyritor with 160 Speed on the first turn against me, I’m practically done for before the battle even gets underway.

The attack and health can be more easily dealt with, especially with the right counters.

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I think the reason why speed boost doesn’t work so well is because is a solid number, for example it could be great if they are like 1% of speed
Tier 20 = +20%
Tyranosaurus for example 102 + 20.4= 122.4max instead of 142
Gorgosuchus 120+24=144 max speed (instead of 160 max)
Procera 131+26.2=157.2 instead of 171 i think.

In this way every dinosaur keep on the same range :man_shrugging:t2:

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If I had designed the boost system, I would not have included speed. I think each creature having a set speed is necessary to preserve the rock/paper/scissors aspect of counters.


Limit Speed Boosting to Tier 10 since there’s no chance they remove it from the game.

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All boosts break the game. Speed is just the easiest to demonstrate.

I think limiting it to 10 speed tiers per creature would work great. Yes everybody will eventually max out the speed but that works then speed becomes a non issue again.

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Normally speed is the worst with attack as a close second. This is because creatures normally have either a big attack or status decrease. Attack is also a bad one because it is also extremely versatile. You can make chompers do more damage on top of the huge damage they already do, you can make a utahsinoraptor or an indo2 have amazing damage with their status effects, and you can make high health tanks do more damage which is extremely useful.

Remove speed boosts as they are the only balancing factor the game has.

By all means replace them with armour and crit boosts but I don’t want to see a TRex that’s faster than a Velociraptor thanks!

At this point, I could care less about boosts, just add a fully non boosted arena and Ill be playing there every single time.

Oh boosts. I cry all the speed boosts. My name fits this thread. Finally, my name fits a thread!
Welp, yeah speed boosts on ahem, THOR, can break the match. That and pretty much anything except for dimorphodon or suchomimus. Not to mention, combine this with the immune meta, everybody be boosting their immunes like ardentis and gemini. Other dinos that used to be good aren’t good anymore because of this meta, and because of boosts on these immune dinos. They don’t get a chance to be viable cause of it, and also, any new dino that’s good you’ll need all the boosts or else it won’t be that great.

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