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Boosts redistribution due to meta changes

So, with all this meta change, will we be able to redistribute boosts at least once? When we invest on a Dino and it has some stats changes, that’s kinda okay because it still has the same moves and stuff. When we take monostego for example, we can say that we boosted it because it has nullifying impact to deal with immune dinos, distracting strike to deal with chompers, slowing impact to face dinos like indo or erliko and stunning impact to prevent enemies from hitting us. Now that mono has lost its nullifying move, we can say that she is a different Dino, because it doesn’t have the ability to survive against most immune dinos anymore. When the dino has its moves changed, it should be up to us if we either want to boost it or not, even if the dinos became better or worse.
So my question is: do you think we will be able to reset boosts after all this changes, buffs and nerfs?


I think we should be able to reset our boosts, especially on nerfed creatures, but if Ludia intends to implement it is another thing entirety


I think its easier than we think to remove boosts.

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Or give us a in-game store item that we could buy (if necessary) to where we could remove all boosts on a single dinosaur or even another boost remover that removes #ALL OOSTS for all the dinosaurs in ur roster so that you could (like the OP said) “redistribute” them accordingly to different dinos everytime a new meta is released and/or when all our hard work with our current boosted dinos become completely obsolete and pointlessly useless. So we may be able to not have all that hard work be in vain.


I really don’t understand all this flagging of perfectly good posts.
The one above is fine for goodness sake!
Anyway, I think we should get the option to redistribute a % of boosts as many dinos become obsolete through no fault of ours when they are nerfed.


Thank you for your support in not understanding why what I wrote is “sooo offensive” lol ppl seriously need to grow up and act like adults and not censorship-loving socialists. LMAO


We’ll never get the ability to remove / reset boosts. Boosts are Ludia’s cash cow. Even if we had to pay to reset them, they will never do it because they guarantee we have to keep paying if they are one time use items.

Unfortunately, people will just keep spending to keep up. Little by little, people will completely quit and we won’t get new players because the barrier to entry is way too high.

This game is all about milking us for as much money as they can until it all comes crashing down.


Personally I didn’t sink all my boosts into the current meta dinos, but instead spread them around what I think was quite evenly among many dinos. This gives me the opportunity to, say, drop mono and replace it with something else equally boosted, but more relevant.

Even with a reset, there are very few that I would change.


Whilst I agree with StoneCutter, I question the fact that when a Dino is nerfed to become something it wasn’t, we should be able to get the boosts back as they no longer do as they say they do.
Any item bought should be fit for purpose, and be as it’s advertised to be. So we buy speed boosts for a Dino, put them on it, and Ludia nerf it’s speed. So it’s not what it was , and the same applies to health and attack surely?
Or would a counter argument be that Ludia reserve the right to make our purchases useless as and when they see fit?


This kind of crap is why I stay F2P! Why should I throw good money after bad by continuing to feed the cash cow? I’m still furious over what they did to my 5-5-5 level 27 Monostegotops! She was a valuable team member, now she’s useless due to the lack of nullifying. Then there’s the other nerfs they did to her…


Honestly, I rarely use the nullify these days. I still think it will be very worthwhile once I relearn how to use it.

That’s exactly what i meant. We change some dinos we want to and keep others we want

Nullify is what made Monostego so great against Erlidom, Indom, Indoraptor, and anything else that cloaks/evades. For now I’ll just put this in her place:


I think that they should allow even only at the start of an update to redistribute at least a part of the boost. Something like paying bucks to have back half of the boosters from a dino and the other part is lost. In this way they still can earn from it, but at the same time a player have at least the possibility to not be completely screwed because of the nerf that THEY do. This time have been the ceratopsids, next time who knows…


I haven’t spend any money on The game. But I’m sure there is something that all of us did spend on this game: time and effort. All that time spent to open daily incubators and get that 4 boosts and invest on a Dino that now is a completely different one.


Oh look. They flagged my screenshots too lmfao. Can’t take criticism huh Lydia?

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OH and flagged my other response. Man y’all are on a super sensitive roll today huh? Thats fine. I’ll just make my responses more colorful and not against your safe space guidelines.

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The flagging of posts when they are first posted is part of an automated system that is supposed to remove spam. Editing a post quickly after initially posted, posting follow up posts quickly after posting, and other stuff trigger the spam bot.

Ahem. Sorry, its me again, ya boy, my last response was bad and made me a big meanie towards some undisclosed company. Anyway no, according to the services we agreed to when we started playing we don’t own any of the content we buy in the game. So we spend our actual money and buy something then it still isn’t ours, trust me i know.

No its them. 4 flags today on 2 different posts. They don’t like it when anything negative (usually truthful but sometimes not) is said.