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Boosts reshuffle now 💪🏻

I think it’s time that Ludia gives us this present to ADD VARIETY in the arena. I would like to use some new creatures… what do u think guys??


i’m pretty sure it’ll happen next big balance update

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I’ve got a few dinos that sit on the bench with boosts on them, so on the one hand I would like a reset.

On the other hand I would just do what every other player will do, and put them into the apex dinos so variety wouldn’t come from the reset.

So I’m 50/50 on it, and really don’t care one way or the other.


For those who saved boosts, we’ve already put them on our good apexes. A shuffle will result in everyone just doing that. Not much variety when everyone is running 3-4 apexes plus 4 tyrants.


Ask yourself this: Do you have more boosts put on unused creatures than most other people?
In my case it’s a definite no, so I’m not in favor of a boost reshuffle. And technically 49% of all players shouldn’t want one either. But they’re just looking at their own game and not the whole picture.

Math vs instant gratification :man_shrugging:


i actually want to rearrange what i have. it’ll be on the same stuff, but i’d like to be able to more evenly boost my team than what i did. :sweat_smile: crutch Lux and Magnus.


I also know some people leaving the game frustrated because it’s very difficult to change the team because of there are no boosts reshuffles.


Totally against a boost reshuffle as well… As much as I would like to make a few change in my team as well, I like the actual diversity since at my level I’m regularly fighting about 20 different dinos and quite a few unusual ones. After a boost shuffle, that would likely drop to 12 dinos max… (the Apex and some of the Tyrants). So, sorry, I really like the actual diversity much better than the boring one we would get after a reset…


Just a “wild guess” but basically, the diversity from Aviary and above would likely become: Hadros, Cera, Mortem, Monolorhino, Geminititan, Tenontorex, Trykosaurus, Diorajasaur, Ardentismaxima, and maybe a few Grypo, Sarco, and Mammolania or Spyx for the lucky ones… Kiss diversity goodbye :slight_smile:

This is why I think Apex shouldn’t be end game creatures personally. I would love to see more Unique creatures get some love to be able to counter the Apex creatures.

As far as a boost shuffle I would LOVE one. I have a lot of builds I would like to change up and I know a lot of people that plan on focusing on tourney creatures this time around.


Totally agree with that… I would also add a little hint of “more Unique creatures being able to counter the swapping meta” So much Ludia could do with our actual useless dinos (instead of giving us new ones)


does higher rarity necessarily mean better than the last? generally i think so. but apexes also aren’t hybrids/ super hybrids as far as we know. unique and apex should be pretty even imo, so more things that beat them would be ideal. oh and lux and Magnus not being able to beat their fierce counterpart would be great.

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I love that Apex are a way for alliances to come together and raid and get DNA. I don’t personally like that these Apex are so incredibly strong when they are what I consider “give out creatures”. Yes, people have to have the creatures to raid for them but I don’t like that they are so much more powerful then most of the Uniques people have worked so hard to create and level. I don’t think Apex needs to be that strong. Magnus is ridiculous even at lvl 26 and is competing with lvl 30 Uniques and I don’t agree with that. Add on the fact that DNA from Apex is purely RNG base so everyone is at a different place with them even if they completed every raid every single week. I think they need to be toned down a little bit or Uniques need to be buffed to be able to compete and give more variety again. I’ll run an entire team of Unique creatures that are all counters to Apex if I can :rofl:


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I think most people prefer to use their boosts to help their alliance with tournaments and to actually progress out of Aviary.

Yes! Evenly boost the team! But I doubt most people would do that…
Many people including myself say they hate RNG but then they spread boosts unevenly (cough cough thor again), well that’s just making themselves more RNG dependent

Actually even those with fully boosts lvl 30 teams are having major problems with RNG. The whole arena is an RNG fest between crits and people just drawing the perfect counters. It’s more about what you draw rather than being able to battle your way out of a bad situation nowadays.


Yeah, personally I think crit shouldn’t be a thing, stun should be 100% but harder to achieve, so are the resistances that applies on them. Dodge should also be 100%
Both stun and swap resistance should be either 0 or 100 just like crit reduction resistance

I really want one, I need to boost my Tenrex more

I think a there’s a huge point to be made that I think newer players fail to understand. Those of us who have been around since the beginning have spent countless hours hunting DNA to build our teams as we progressed through arenas. That was the premise when this game was very first introduced. We sit here now wondering why we spent all that time when we could have waited and had Apex handed to us. Not to mention we get Unique attempts practically all the time, anymore. After the last boost event, we invested our boosts in the teams we worked hard to build. So now we sit here punished because of our personal choices not to wait all the weeks to unlock Apex(es)? There are days it can take me an HOUR to earn ONE incubator. And of course then it’s the 15m in the cycle so here goes another hour to get my next one. Someone running a team of Level 28s with ONE Apex will kick my fully boosted Level 30 Unique team to oblivion. How does that even make sense? I don’t expect to win them all, but I do expect to win more than one in every twelve. A boost shuffle is NECESSARY to fix the mess that is the arena.