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Boosts reshuffle now 💪🏻

These forums don’t matter anyway. they sent a survey already. That is the voice of the players. Anything else said here is just the loudest people speaking their mind which doesn’t mean anything.

That being said… Remove penalties :rofl:


Penalties are there to make you keep buying them :slight_smile:
The forums do matter in a way though, there have been some suggestions here and some complaints that are taken into consideration. But they don’t show it. And most of the forum is only read by mods :wink:

I’ll send them a care package. I hope they feel better soon! :heartpulse:

Boost reset can have positive effects on matchmaking. Now pvp is all over the place. You have those with fully boosted teams, some with boosted teams, but not entirely and those with lightly boosted teams. There are few unboosted too, but reset won’t affect them, unless they decide to boost their teams.

Lets look at those with boosted and lightly boosted teams. Both struggle in arena currently, either due to lvls or boost differences. These days you are either overrun or overrun others. Even 3-2, 2-3 battles are usually decided way before end.

On top of that, those that didn’t save enough boosts to (almost) fully boost apex creatures are likely stuck with outdated team or their apex creatures are overrun by fully boosted apex creatures.

With each update without real balancing and/or boost reset Aviary, Library bottleneck gets worse. More and more teams are stuck in limbo, cause they can’t follow the changing meta. Every month matchmaking gets worse, cause more high lvl teams are left behind with season reset.

Why would be bad, to give those teams a life jacket to save them from drowning? Reset gives players a chance to improve, to have hope of progressing. Things might not change much, but there is at least small chance for improvement.


Great post!

This says everything about a few players feel angry.


You get 4/4/4 from your daily battle incubator. You can get 6/6/6 from the event supply drops. So that’s 10/10/10 every day, you need 10 days to have 1 boost of each.

Then you have 3 stat strikes per week that give 25 of each, so that’s 1 boost of each every 4 weeks.

Then you can speed up all your 15m and 3h incubators. Speed up the 8h incubators when it costs less than 45 cash. Let the 12h and 24h incubators run their course. Personally, I speed up incubators only when I am running a 24h incubator, so I have time to fill my slots with 3 8h incubators. But some people are always speeding up incubators.

In my case that’s not enough to have 26 boosts in 15 weeks but it takes me more 20-25 weeks to get an apex with my luck. I had 2 unboosted creatures in my team that I replaced with hadros lux and ceramagnus when I got them. Level 23 unboosted diorajasaur got replaced by hadros lux that I boosted 10/5/0 to start with. I was in library at the time and ceramagnus that replaced an unboosted level 26 ardentismaxima and applied 25 boosts to it from the get go, I was upper library by then. I now almost get all my incubators in depot and my team is leveling up faster than ever because i can concentrate on working on 6 creatures instead of 8. I have no plan for mortem rex and still unsure about gorgotrebax. My team level is now 27, so hopefully I’ll soon be able to unlock shores. I still run an unboosted level 27 mammolania in my team so that’s another thing I can improve.


I’m hoping there’s a boost reset or shuffle soon because I’ll unlock magnus on Thursday and i really want to use it

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I really notice how weird I am when everyone wants a boost shuffle for their pvp teams. I just want it to beat mortem rex with proceratosaurus and all its hybrids on the same team lol

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You’re not weird.

If anything, it’s my opinion that you made the game your own. Personally, want to end up with a squad of all “mammals” to pvp with.

I have my pvp squad yes, by default. But that’s my A REAL goal.

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Imagine running a game where 245+ creatures continue to be created or reworked, but the notion of actually having players use them and diversifying gameplay is hindered by a shortsighted and biased view on revenue and player satisfaction.


MAYBE, just MAYBE, some of us have dinos that we need to take off the team, but MAYBE we need to put the boosts on a NEW creature. Crazy concept I know.


And MAYBE I’ve been waiting SINCE THE LAST RESET to take indo off my team, once again, a crazy concept, I know.

I plan to run ankylodic when another reset happens. Also I need to level it a bit, but I really need to take the 7 or so boosts I have on indo off. I need to put speed on my thyla, quetzorion, and utarinex.

I need to remove boosts on my rixis, so when I get hadros in 2-4 weeks, I’ll boost that, or better yet, boost my Tenrex. But a boost reset will cause some people to use testa, like me, and @koffibun told me on discord that he plans on boosting majundaboa and using testa

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