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Boosts reshuffle now 💪🏻

You bet your backside people benefit because they can actually compete again.

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Not everyone will benefit. I haven’t wasted boosts on any creatures not in my current line-up, so I wouldn’t get stronger at all, while everyone else will.

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OIC, this is about you and your experience. Not everyone else’s. Noted!


Literally 50% of everyone shouldn’t benefit. Not everyone can suddenly progress more than the rest, many others will be overrun.

So let those who started later catch up and push those who started sooner down. To a point we will ultimately quit. That doesn’t seem a good business model to me.

I’m confused by your responses @Tielenaar . Would everyone benefit or just a percentage of people? :thinking:

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Perhaps, but the business model could also be to let people infinitely keep spending cash on boosts :slight_smile:

It’s not possible that everyone can benefit.

You basically implied everyone benefits here :woman_shrugging:

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No because not everyone gets equally stronger.

I think that says everyone and nobody benefits all at the same time.

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I agree we need a boost shuffle. I also agree that apexes should be and are among the endgame creatures (yet appropriately balanced) and I for one would benefit greatly from a reset, as would many others. It’s time to usher in a new arena era!!

My brain hurts. Thank you for making it more clear in a less clear way


It’s not rocket science! And don’t condescend.
Person A spent his boosts wisely and gets it all back, spends it the same way again. Nothing changes.
Person B boosted 30 dinosaurs to 50% and gets it all back, can now boost 15 dinosaurs to 100%, overruns person A.

The whole idea of not being able to get boosts back 100% when you take it off is to make sure you either spend wisely or keep buying them. When there’s a big meta change I agree there should be resets, but (AGAIN) I understand the reason WHY it was implemented the way it was.

What if they did a boost shuffle BUT limited the ability to boost apex creatures more than the other rarities? Like you can only do 15 or 20 total instead of 30

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Or just make apexes less strong in general so people still buy boosts for them.

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To each their own, but I feel that the apexes are balanced. Cera needs a slight rebalancing but the others are fine.

That would make apexes pretty useless IMO. Boosts do play an important role and they aren’t strong enough to bare that handicap.

I personally don’t think apexes are that strong right off the bat so idk about making them less strong (until you get them to higher levels then maybe idk). I agree though, they need to do something to help the people in higher arenas/the long timers that have busted their butts… and I’ve barely touched gyro and didn’t start until may 2019. The more chaotic it is in the higher arenas, the more it continues to trickle down to the other arenas :woman_shrugging:


A boost reset wouldn’t help me at all.
My team would be reboosted as it is… and everyone elses team would most likely look like mine after a reset.
Everyone is in a different situation.
I would certainly lose my current advantage, others would gain.
The best thing about a boost reset is I wouldn’t have to spend any money.
Boost reset and farming boosts though incs and SD’s would make them perpetual and no longer needed to buy.