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Boosts ruined this game

Boosts benefit people who dont want to actually earn the DNA to level up the dinos. Forget the players who actually level up dinos instead of ridiculously boosting speed to like 140 so ALL the slowing abilities do nothing. You cant buy specific DNA but you can buy boost points n put them on what ever dino you want. The battle mash up DOESNT WORK!!! The boosts ruined the game! I have been playing since the game first came out. 5000 to 4600 with out winning a single battle after removing all my boosts from my dinos because I thought it might make battles more fair. NOPE ITS WAY WORSE!!! So as long as you spend money in this game to buy a stupid expensive boost you can walk all over the people who play the game WITH OUT THE CHEATS!!! PLUS you ruines Dracoceratops. Quit FIXING IT UNTIL ITS BROKE !!

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