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Boosts sale alert

They must be running low on revenue or really want to ruin the game. This sale is just dumb. If I wanted to buy these for three account it would cost $250 Canadian.



They could organise courses on how to alienate clients. Should make quite a profit



I thought you guys pass info on to the developers? Can you point out a single thread on this forum where more boosts are mentioned to help fix the arena and matchmaking issues that have fallen on deaf ears?


Here comes the week i will lose 20 times in a row.
Well, collecting dinos though. It is useful to entertain the kids.


Let’s give lots of free stuff to players in Montreal and hose the rest of the player base to make up the profits.


Coincides with the 2 tournaments ending in a few days. For anyone desperate to advance.

1st) I agree things need to change, boosts are not just out of hand but an unstoppable wrecking ball… However
2nd) I had enough cash from doing 1, yes only 1, of the 150% tapnoy offers. They are giving you ways to do this withoit spending
3rd) they have obviously decided the way to get it all under control is to help people get to tier 10 asap. This is a mistake but doubling down on mistakes seems to be a part of their business model

Ludia shop just changed from an over priced restaurant to a food fight. Way to show no chill and scare off the customers. Ludia will regret this as will the customers.


true but apple users cant take advantage of the tapjoy game offers.


Really? I honestly did not know that. Is there any equivalent?

100 boosts of all 3 types in store. great!

25 boosts is $500.
50 is $1000.
and now a great offer, a big discount if you buy 100 boosts, for only… $2000.

is it a child arithmetic test, or am i really being fooled by ludia?

why is it a tournament sale, if tourney winners will get cash reward AFTER this sale ends? :thinking:


I thought this game would include children! :joy::joy:


hahaha. in my country is 16 years old rated. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s a tourny sale because it is offered while the tournament is on. So there are lots of players online to see the sale and lots probably frustrated if not doing as expected in the tournament. So they hope a lot will buy the boosts as a way to instantly solve their losing issues in the arena. Disgraceful…like vultures…


i would pay for these.

  • I’ve been a VIP.
  • I’ve bought most boosts.

For me, this was a way to keep up in a time consuming game with a family with kids, and a lot of overtime @ work. Maybe even hanging on in hopes for better times, i don’t know.

But this sale really shows Ludias plans for the future of this game, and it disgusts even me.

So, VIP was just cancelled, and i guess i just quit the game completely.
Maybe all mobile games for that matter.

Back to PC gaming where i can get great, new games (with 100% of the content needed) for the same price as your boosts.

Too bad. I started to get hopes back for this game, but you just crushed them totally.


Here is what we know.

  1. Game developers have stopped posting on the forums.
  2. Mods are no longer as active posting in threads like these.
  3. Ludia fan players no longer defending them.
  4. Ludia developer surveys on player wants/needs was eons ago.
  5. Matchmaking could be a mix of huge drop in players coupled by horrible algorhythm. (Seen a ton of quitters on friendslist again).
  6. Boost sales prior to an unboosted 26 default level tournament? I think they are pushing the last dime out of this game.

Whether Universal has been made aware and are letting their license with Ludia lapse or Ludia just working on their new money grab game. Sure as hell feels like they have completely lost touch with their playerbase. At least before there was some hope with the surveys and random dev posts. Over last few months there have been a rinse repeat sort of events. Months of the same dinos were featured and it has been nothing more than just busy work for us.

In a way, I want the game to get pulled from the store. At least it will be over with.


i’ll follow you on this. :confused:




Apple has policys preventing incentivizing downloads of apps as they dont like them messing with their charts. This policy has been around forever but over the Easter weekend this year they started enforcing it. Tapjoy still exists on ios buts its surverys or the paid offers like razors.