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Boosts should go now!

I see decision was made to keep boosts, and those willing to pay a lot of money will have significantly superior Dino’s to everyone else inc. VIP members.
Evolving Dino to inc. stats should be only way to make game fair - Ludia get rid of Stat Boosts and make game FAIR again.


Just because you choose not to purchase the stat boosts doesn’t mean it’s not fair. It’s an extremely level playing field. You have as fair an option as everyone else does. Now what you choose to do is up to you.

If you choose not to buy, that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean it’s unfair


Agreed, if you like Arena and don’t choose to buy it just means that its time to move on.

PvE is still ok for now, just a matter of time till the strike towers have boosted dinos also.


The AI I battle in Marshes are all boosted. have been since boosts came out. Not crazy boosted, 2 sometimes 3 levels.

I have yet to get an AI match or even the option.

It pops up when the 30 second timer finishes. If ur not getting an ai option it’s because ur locking into a match before the timer runs out

I can honestly say if I was a new player today and reached level 10 (I’m guessing I would have heard about the boosts) then battled to get some and then battled and battled to get more and more. It would have been a lot of fun. The trouble is that a huge amount of the player base isn’t new and going backwards in any game takes the fun away. To be trained to acquire them slowly from the start is much different than feeling humiliated having a team that should belong in the top arena, but isn’t. Sure we can pay to hold our positions, but we shouldn’t have to. I flipped a quarter today, tails was quit the game and heads was buy the dang boosts. It was heads and I haven’t allocated any of them yet nor have I battled once.


The arena is going to shift. Those who don’t boost will not progress as fast as people who are able to boost.

But really its always been that way, with every game.

Its the same concept with incubators. Some people have the money to buy/speed up incubators and that moves them ahead faster in the game as well.


My hubby keeps playing when his slots are full and claims it’s just a bunch of garbage in them anyway. That’s him and I don’t agree with it 100 percent. Some hunt more than others and it all takes resources.

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If they are able to progress at all.

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Everyone’s situation is different. It’s not like people are paying for extra tiers. Everyone’s dinos have the same amount of tiers, and everyone can grind away to get boosts(I know its slow rn but who knows what events it will bring). Some people can just afford shortcuts. Thats how all phone games are.

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Once matchmaking is fixed, I’m not holding my breath as I nearly croaked a week ago from trying that, things could improve. Its comparable to building a fire. Start small, let it grow bigger, then add more logs. Ludia dumped a whole bunch of logs on too small of a fire. They added more to the game in hopes of revenue and didn’t have the known issues fixed first.


Correct. Money before update of matchmaking!

Response to Ludia , who feel boosts are Fair.
A matter of opinion, already met player who obviously paid! He had Dino’s with around 1500 attack and 3.5k to 4k health - effectively I was slaughtered. So building up strong team for Arena battles becomes meaningless.

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How is that “obviously paid”? For all we know that could be a dino that can get those stats from normal levelling.

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I lost around 30 trophy points , so his Dino’s were obviously same or lower level than mine. According to Lydia’s 1.7 patch notes they try to match you to players with Dino’s at similar level.

Again that’s a load of nonsense from Ludia. I got matched with a team of level 30 29’s 28’s. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For what it’s worth I 100% agree with you. This game was slowly becoming more balanced with all the hard work the devs have been putting in, the future was looking promising with tweaking here and there and additions on new creatures. But then that’s all gone out of the window when allowing players to make permanent stat changes, we will soon have a repeat of what’s just happened - OP creatures will be focused on boosting for personal advantage at the expense of fairness and balance. Quite frankly this is huge mess and disaster for JWA that focuses on competative battling. It’s human nature to want to ‘cheat’ all Ludia have done is given players the means and inspiration to cheat.


All to get more money😞

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Yep. Penny pinching by Ludia. As 100% F2P I’m not having any part of it and staying on the moral high-ground.