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Boosts should go now!

Reminds me of true story, Company dad worked for was taken over by accountant who put up customer prices. Profits increased for a few weeks, then all their customers left. Best to look at longer plan, short term never works.
Was enjoying the game up till the boosts and even paid real money for some Incubators, which rarely ever do with Androids app Game.

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Youll mean youll continue to be a free loader while other people pay the development costs for them to add in new features and dinos. And then say you have the moral high ground?


It’s not against the rules to play for free :-p
Besides Ludias prices are clearly very unethical, £50 for an incubator?!! That could feed a family for a week! I can have nothing to do with the gross waste of money encouraged by this money grabbing game. I’ll still remain on the high ground TQVM :-p


No point adding a new feature that completely ruins the game that didn’t even need messing with. All for for money.


Well you can buy the ‘illusion’ of progression with Boosts if you like, but all they actually do is artificially leverage your average arena trophy level. They don’t make you better at competative battling, just more dependant on cheaty stat manipulation.

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The illusion seems to be working rather well. :slight_smile:

But it is just illusion, you’re not actually doing any better. In fact the whole arena trophy system is ‘entirely’ based on creatures levels/stat-boosts, not how well you’re doing. It is all an illusion but it seems many are taken in by it. Strip away the modifiers and you’re right back down where you started.

But with boosts it is the same as before.
If you give real money, you can level your Dinos much faster than Free-to-Play players.
And now? You can boost faster with real money.

I don’t see that anything has changed then before

These boosts were terrible idea since day one. Some other company definitely could have made these boosts work way better. It was obvious since beginning that ludia couldnt handle these.


Does it really matter if I’m doing better if the illusion is that I am?
Perception is reality right?
Just ruffling your feathers. LOL
Hunting time! Have a grrrreat weekend. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to know what country you live in that 50$ pays for a family to eat for a week. I’m moving there

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: I was just about to ask that question! We are a family of two and $50 doesn’t even come close to feeding us for a week.

Now cheaters are starving their family by “cheating” to buy boosts.

The cheese slid off the cracker of half the folks that post here

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I’m too poor to buy real cheese, my cheese comes from a can.

On the plus side, it doesn’t slide off the ritz! Lol

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The problem for me is not the boost itself. I mean boosts can help people to take down strike towers and can be used in a strategic way. The problem is with L and the greed :smiley: if we could only get stat boosts from daily battle incubators and stat boost strike towers it would be fine and balanced. But making it available in the shop and in such a huge amount makes it totally P2W for everyone who cares about their trophy count even just a little bit.


Just to add fuel…

If you only had $50 to feed a family of 2-3 for a week… it is possible with selection and leftovers… of course some people have more than others and have never had to limit themselves…

I’ve been there in the past during a rough time… thankfully i don’t have to be as selective anymore…

Back on the topic though… i dislike boosts in the arenas (not fun to be constantly slaughtered trying to get arena locked dna and can’t win) but i can see them being beneficial for the strike towers.

But whatever…

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this SNL skit will always come to my mind when talking about something like this :S


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Lol 101011.

Yea if everyone in ur family is eating bologna, ramen, and Kraft dinner 50$ would be enough for a week

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Meanwhile 50$ a week doesn’t cover my Starbucks tab :man_facepalming: