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Boosts solution

Why not having the posdibilty to remove boosts from a dino and put them on annother? This would greatly improve to remove salt from many players and will also make more variety for really. If you dont lose boosts on a dino many will try to boost the underated and mby find how strong they are


Plus this will make new dinos usable on the teams because they don’t stand behind forever while your actual team is top boosted.

Yeah I‘m already seeing the Thors with 4.000 damage, 8000 health and 180 speed lol. :sweat_smile:

This doesn’t sound like a money making idea haha but from a player stand point, it will be very welcomed indeed.

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Well you cant buy boosts so cant spend money on them

Like this idea a lot. Also, Ludia could make money from it by charging some boost- swapping fee.

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I like the idea as well and your suggestion would help prevent only having even more op Thor, DC and the likes in arena, if you could just put everything on those anytime you go into battle hoping for some lucky drawing.