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Has anyone sussed out/ used boosts yet? Are they permanent?

I think so, none of the battles I’ve done removed them

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Also requests seem to only last 30 mins or so???

Ludia told metahub they were permanent a while ago. See no reason for it to change since then… Max boosts dinos are supposed to be a grind would be quite a grind if progress was reset constantly.

If 10 Boosts max, times 8 Battle creature, is a total of 80 booosts. And if they cost $500 game cash for 25 boosts, then maximum cost is just over $1500 game cash. What am I missing?

My magna has the first tier speed boost to 133 :smiley:


That no stat boosts simply needs just 1 boost to reach a new tier… first boost takes has a sb cost of 2

The tier 10 boost requires 1024 sb to go from 9 to 10 alone.

Metahub has a guide live now.

But consider this

“Put another way, you could boost EIGHT DINOSAURS from tier 4 to tier 5 for the SAME PRICE as boosting ONE DINOSAUR from tier 7 to tier 8.”

Yep it goes 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024.


They’re permanent. And stay with the dino after being leveled

Level one is 2 boosts. Doubles every time for the next tier. All the way to 1024 for level 10

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Ahhhhhhh. Maths.

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The total amount of boosts you need to max a dino is 2046 for one stat… so 2046 speed boosts would max a dinos speed. You would also need 2046 health and damage boosts to have a dino max boosted.

I am wondering how boost are taken into consideration when it comes to match making balancing? If one of these rare battles actually happens, I always face boosted Dinosaurs, while have nothing boosted yet. Hope this won’t be a thing in future.

Its going to be unbalanced until everyone starts boosting their dinosaurs. I went up 600 trophies in a few hours after boosting one of my dinos.

What’s your current trophies count??

I’m around 5300 when yesterday I was at 4700ish

:open_mouth: unbelievable! What Dino did you boost?

Does anyone know how to know that number of boosts that you own?

I mean: how do you know the number of speed/attack/heatlh that you can use? I did not see a “boost inventory” in the game, but maybe I did not look in the good place.


click on the icon under the dino (where you see the stats) and it will show you before you upgrade one stat, that how many stat boost tokens you have for it

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Thank you RoadToHell0!

I had not noticed this.

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