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Booted from alliance?


Opened my game this morning and I was out of my alliance. I thought leaders couldn’t do this yet? Anyone else? Or anyone from ALLIANCES see if I’m still in there?


What alliance was it? You can always join my alliance! It’s called TheLegends! But explain what happened


ALLIANCES is the alliance. They’ve always been good to me and likewise. I’ve probably donated 10k dracorex lol

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Ok… just want to clarify this: leaders can kick anyone out of their alliance.

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Dont know why they booted you :confused:
Try to get back in!


You can send request to our alliance called lords of Jurassic world. I’ll add you as I’m leader

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I don’t think he wants to join our alliances :joy:


As his wish, I’m not forcing him :nerd_face: it was just an advice


I saw him first


might just be a glitch.


Ok il stop, back to the topic.


Haha i’ll join another just as soon as I know why I was booted or if it was just a glitch



lol, just kidding.

Good luck getting back in!